6 Jewelry Digital Marketing Tricks Every Jeweler Needs in 2020

6 Jewelry Digital Marketing Tricks Every Jeweler Needs in 2020

emergence and acceptance of online shopping in the last decade has made online
presence, a crucial thing for every jewelry online business. According to an
analysis done by McKinsey and Company, jewelry shopping is going to be much
more competitive with the total increase of 12% of jewelry sales through online
sales by 2020.

increase is the double of the percentage that was found in 2014, that is, 6%.
So, in 2019, our main focus is going to be increasing our online jewelry sales
and for that you need to increase your brand presence online.

This blog is
going to tell you what jewelry digital marketing tricks you need in 2019 to
make the most profit out of the jewelry online sales.

“Your brand is what other people say
about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeffery Preston Bezos is a prominent
technology entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. 

reactivation is mainly a technique of re-engagement which is used by digital
marketers to contact those people who has showed interest previously, in their
brand by reaching out to them online, or visiting their website.

data analysis, you can get a list of existing customers’ database. You can then
use them for ranking based on current trends, and value. With an organized
database, it becomes easy to follow up each and every client, and reach out to
them on their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, New
Year, etc.

of the best benefits of data reactivation is web traffic. It gives an
opportunity to target other customers based on the profiles similar to the
existing customers. Once you reach new prospects, they are likely to get back
to you for enquiries, which increase organic web traffic to a massive amount.

can also use these databases to target them on other social media platforms
like Facebook, Instagram, and many others through paid social media

sure that the marketing efforts you put on your jewelry brand, actually pushes
your newly generated leads into the sales funnel. Moreover, statistically
speaking, 75% of all the online jewelry sales fail due to poor images. If you
make a good first impression, then it is highly likely that the effect of your
brand will forever last in the minds of your prospects.

Design your website, mainly your product catalogue page in such a way
that a prospect understands what you are selling, the moment he or she visits
your jewelry website. The best way to shot your jewelry collection is on a
clean and non-distracting background with optimum balance in light.

content is the next big factor which actually convinces your customer to buy
your jewelry. Make sure that your product description does not only describe
the dimensions and compositions of your jewelry piece but also expresses the
beauty of it. Good product and brand content is something which encompasses the
story behind it along with a message for its buyers.

2019 armor
for jewelry digital marketing is here; don’t wait anymore to get your hands on

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