Clipping Path Services | Giving Jewelry Retailers the Competitive Advantage

Clipping Path Services | Giving Jewelry Retailers the Competitive Advantage

Have you recently seen how online shopping portals have flourished?

This has given jewelry retailers an unparalleled sale point that is not going away anytime soon. We at GemEye have forecasted this trend before and have tailored GemEye retouch that is heading for one goal, and that is enhancing your jewelry images for your targeted shoppers on every marketplace.

There was a time when people had the idea that retouching means re-changing an image but that has faded. Now, retouching your jewelry image before it hits your target marketplace. Online shopping portals are buzzing with buyers now and especially for jewelry.

Using Clipping Path service providers not just gives you that competitive advantage over other companies in the market but it sets your brand loyalty in the minds of your customers.

How? Let GemEye Retouch walk you through that.

So, clipping path actually means clipping your 2D image on to other layers and retouching your image to an optimum studio quality. Have you seen bad quality images of jewelry on online portals? You must have. And, do you know that 75% of shoppers get turned off with poor quality jewelry images?

That is a huge number of sales that are going to be lost unless; you redefine your images with clipping path services. Because after all what would you have your shoppers see; a raw jewelry image with spots, bad reflection and disproportionate background or a glammed up studio quality jewelry image on a sparkling white background. 

Benefits of Clipping Path Service Providers: 

•Pumps up the aesthetics of your product on offer

•Adding value and brand elements to your jewelry item 

•Highlighting the competitive feature of your product 

•The fashion sense is pushed a bar up higher 

•Removal of ghost mannequin

•Background removal 

All of these are key point features of clipping path services that are provided and we at GemEye Retouch foresaw this upsurge for quality images and have managed to custom make retouching modules that make sure your jewelry images get the treatment it needs. 

Apart from redefining color, isolation and intensity, clipping path service providers help eliminate unnecessary and distracting components from your images. Making your jewelry visible to your buyer in all its preciousness. 

These industry techniques are applied because in the end, your image is your brand for your jewelry. Your images should speak to the buyer and convince them of your quality and sophistication. We at GemEye Retouch recognize the niche present there and we want to close the gap between the sales and the brand images. 

Clipping Path service providers give you the upper hand in sourcing your potential client with studio quality images and unmatched retouching quality. Enhancing your images for sale quality on e-commerce websites and online sites provides you a powerful platform to showcase your items to its best. 

But, choosing them is something you have to filter with caution. We at GemEye Retouch, revolve our imagery module around uncomprised quality with cost-effective plans. Making your business push the benchmark in revenue a notch higher.