Why You Must Outsource Jewelry Image Retouching

Why You Must Outsource Jewelry Image Retouching

There are two clear options available to any e-commerce business. Perform the image editing in-house or outsource the work to another company. Earlier, several jewelry brands used to retouch their own images with their own in-house editors or asked their photographers to retouch their images. But let’s face it; it is a labor, time and money intensive task. If you are a jewelry brand you should focus on your own business, that is designing jewelry. The same goes for photographers who need to concentrate on taking great shots instead of sitting in front of the computer editing image after image all day.

Perhaps this is why today more and more jewelry manufacturers and online stores are now outsourcing their image retouching work to professionals. Most reputed brands have now realized that outsourcing image retouching is a no-brainer and it’s time for you to take the smart step. Simply by selecting the right retouching partner, you can save both money and time while getting professionally retouched studio quality images for your online shop.

Still thinking why you need to outsource image retouching?

Retouching Is Not Easy

High-end jewelry image editing and retouching require an expert hand. If you wish to attract online buyers with your product images then it is best to work with a professional with extensive experience in jewelry. Why? To do it yourself, you will need to invest time for learning the right software and applying an array of tools. Moreover, the retouching process will also be much slower and not as high quality as you may expect. This is why you need a professional retoucher especially if you are dealing with jewelry as your product images may have unwanted reflections or dusts and scratches. Outsource your retouching to the best photo editor for retouching jewelry to do justice to your images.

Repetitive & Boring for In-House Staff

So you want to hire an in-house image editor for all your retouching needs. Great idea! But consider this…how long do you think an image editor will work with your company when they have to do the same boring and repetitive task every single day? Once your in-house staff gets a hang of the retouching process, then it will turn into a grind for the individual to perform the same task every day. Jewelry image retouching can be a very mundane task with no real requirement of any creative editing skills and highly time-consuming.

High Salaries for In-House Staff

Your editors must be well-versed with all the necessary tools required specifically for retouching jewelry images. This means you will need to hire an expert who will ask for high wages. Now add the costs of recruitment & training as well as the attrition rate. Doesn’t sound like a good plan now, does it? A professional retouching company will eliminate all these problems and deliver your high quality edited images quickly.

Takes Too Much Time, Lowers Sales

Not working with a professional will make the entire retouching process very slow as there are various technical aspects that will take too much time for a beginner. This means you will end up spending too much time away from your primary tasks like managing and focusing of jewelry manufacturing, marketing and sales.

If your business experiences a high image turnover rate, then fluctuations in image volumes are sure to create bottlenecks. This can drastically affect your profits. Delays between photo shoots and uploading the final images on your ecommerce portal can have serious effects on your sales and profits. These problems can be eliminated immediately by simply outsourcing your image retouching. A professional retouching service will provide a 3 day or less turnaround, irrespective of your order size or the time of the year.

Experience The GemEye Magic

GemEye Retouch offers customized jewelry image retouching services with super-fast delivery. Irrespective of the number of editors you have recruited, our services will still be faster and more cost-effective. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we know what it takes to make your images emotive and appealing to prospective buyers.

Our editors are specifically trained to reproduce your specific style so that your retouched images represent your jewelry brand the best way possible. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Moreover, GemEye Retouch offers personalized editing services that allow you to retouch your images precisely the way you need. With our affordable prices and hassle-free services, you will never think about retouching images yourself or outsourcing to anyone else.