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Digitalize your jewelry business with industry-specific digital marketing solutions like SEO, SMO, mobile marketing & more that accurately & effectively focus on your target audience.

ROI-driven digital marketing for your jewelry business

Between a jewelry designer’s imagination and the final piece of work, lies an entire process where different techniques, skills and creativity are applied. The same holds true for crafting a marketing plan for those exquisite jewelry pieces and making the plan to meet the business goals. We believe that jewelry players like you can benefit from our expertise in the jewelry business and our deep understanding of the digital landscape. Learn how we can help you find new business opportunities through different channels like search, social and display.

No two stones are alike or two customer segments are the same

We offer full customer-journey optimization using digital marketing for better business growth. Whether you sell semi-precious stone jewelry and want to market the healing properties of the stone or you make vintage floral jewelry for women - our tailored marketing solutions can help jewelry players of all types and sizes. From identifying the Right markets for your products and finding the Right audiences in each target market to suggesting you the Right communication methods - we will help you through every step of the way so that there are no missed opportunities for growth.

Our full-suite of services for jewelry business owners

Get found on search engines: Given the huge number of jewelry websites online, without a proper SEO plan, getting found on search engines is like finding a pearl in an oyster! Which means the chances are 1 in 10,000. That’s a lot of guesswork. We take the guessing game out of your SEO strategy with a mix of activities including:
  • SEO hygiene check : Our 52-pointer SEO hygiene checklist is the go-to document to keep your jewelry website healthy. Download our SEO hygiene checklist for FREE.
  • Keyword research: Our keyword analysts with 12+ years of experience working in online jewelry marketing will help you zero in on the right keyword list. If you want to know how our team approaches SEO for jewelry website, get in touch with us.
  • Competitor Analysis: Know what’s working for them.
  • Local SEO: A near-me intent is a near-me opportunity that you mustn’t miss.
  • Content: A key tool in your toolbox. Plus more

Get a FREE website audit done today. Get in touch with our team.

Paid ad campaigns that make a difference to your bottomline: Our data-driven campaign managers understand how to fine balance technology and creativity to appeal to the buyers’ tastes and needs. Get in touch with our team to understand the suite of PPC services including:
  • Google Adwords Management: We can help you with a wide array of solutions like Google Shopping and Product Listing, Display Ads, Google Search Ads and more.
  • Landing Page Creation: Landing pages that convert are like diamonds in a rhinestone world.
  • Social Ads: Turn your visitors into paying customers with a wide array of ad tools on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Remarketing: We ensure that your money is spent on valuable campaigns. Plus more

ROAS sits at the core of everything we do. Get a fresh perspective on your PPC campaigns today.

Stay a step ahead of the competition

With extensive experience in jewelry industry, we have foreseen digital marketing trends to help to stay ahead of the curve.

Targeted SEO

Our acute competitor review, jewelry industry specific keyword analysis, campaign linking to build shopper engagement are all designed to make sure your business is on the map.

Jewelry-Exclusive Content Marketing

We modify your Page titles, Meta Description, Images’ Alt tags and visible text to achieve optimum keyword density. We optimize the visible content and keep the flow of text visitor- friendly.

Interactive Social Media Marketing

Our industry domain experience along with B2B and B2C online connections that we are part of, ensure that your campaigns are targeted to your specific needs.

Increased Customer Reach

Our end-to-end marketing strategies are tailored to make sure that your business has the maximum reach to prospective clients on every marketplace.

Omni-Channel Digital Marketing

Connect your business through all digital platforms to ensure every buyer has a smooth shopping experience. We understand the difference between general social marketing and jewelry specific social marketing.

ROI Driven Marketing

Our ROI mentality lets us offer you accurate and measurable data of your campaigns online. We offer you a number of reports so that you can analyze your digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Pricing

Simple pricing. No hidden charges. Choose a plan that fits your needs.

Package Name Basic Balanced Agressive
Price (per month) $ 750 $ 1,500 $ 2,500
Ideal Monthly Media Budget (more than) $ 1,875 $ 3,000 $ 5,000
No commission on paid budget upto (monthly) $ 3,000 $ 6,000 $ 10,000
Commission on top of the allowed no commission level 15% 14% 12%
Target (these are targets not gurantees, we need to reach right CPA levels to make marketing self sustainable asap and grow aggressive), you spend more when you get more returns :) 4x of sales than investment in next 9 months 4x of sales than investment in next 6 months 5x of sales than investment in next 6 months
ROI expected (Core) Sales or connects Sales or connects with better pipeline, better sustainablity in marketing Sales or connects with long term pipeline creation, market leadership focus, higher growth and sustainable along with brand equity improvement.
ROI Expected (additional) Bring down cost of sales, Hygiene, Brand Equity Improvement
Focus Area
Short term (Doing Paid Push), Mainly Paid Ads
Mid Term (Creating Sales Pipeline), Organic Channels Hygiene
Long Term (Creating Brand Pull), Branding Building Hygiene Hygiene
Common Tasks
Planning and Strategy Every 4 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
Competitor, Market and TG Analysis - Audit Every 4 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
Reporting all channels, all work Every 2 months Every month Every month
Small activity updates Every month Fortnightly Weekly
Improving Brand Messaging and Positioning (can be purchased seperately) Basic level touch
Paid Route
Making the assets & setup for Paid ads: landing pages, ads, accounts, tracking, reporting etc
Paid Channels: 2 to 3 2 to 3 2 to 3
Impuslive CTA creations
Landing page variations (A/B testing) 1 per month 1 per month 2 per month
Ad account management (Monday - Friday) Every 4 days Every 2 days Every day
Video ads
Other creative ad formats
Campaigns (upto) 4 6 12
Ad groups (upto, all channels included) 16 32 48
Banner ads Yes, Limited
Remarketing Ads Yes, Limited
SEO (Organic Routes)
Keyword Clusters monthly (each cluster contains 5 to 20 keywords), Unique approach for current era SEO 1 2 4
Benchmark Report & Basic Setup Every 6 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
On-page Optimization (pages) 2 10 25
Interlinking, keyword mapping Every 2 months Every month
Content creation around the keyword clusters (Website content) 2 10 20
Backlinks (PPT/PDF Creation & Submission per month, Infographic Creation & Promotion, Video Optimization & Promotion (Video must be given by client)) 3 10 15
Structural SEO Every 6 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
Local SEO whenever applicable
Website Enhancement Recommendation (Speed, Bounce rate, signals, others) Every 6 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
SMO - (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube)
Social Media Page Setup across plaforms 5 10 15
Social Media Core Channels 1 1 2
Supporting Social Media Channels 1 1 3
Posting/Month 8 12 20
Replicated the posting to Support channels
Promoting the postings
Content bucket creation Every 6 months Every 3 months Every 2 months
Event Promotion

N.B. - Media budget will be paid by client to the payment platform or it needs to paid in advance to us with 1.4% processing fee.

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