Jewelry Retouching Services

Our professional jewelry image retouching services help you to fix flawed product photos and add a studio quality look by effectively adjusting images with the precise value.

What do you want your buyers to see ?

We know what your images should look like

Whatever your retouching need is, we’re here to help with our high-end jewelry image retouching services that add an edge to your ecommerce product images.
  • Clipping Paths
  • Color Correction
  • Natural Shadows
  • Brightness & Contrast
  • Mannequin Removal
  • Metal & Dust Removal

Experience Gemeye

Experience the difference Gemeye makes to your images with our all-encompassing expertise and dedicated team of editors.

Customized Editing

With our Custom Specifications, you can choose precisely how you need your images retouched. Just tell us how you want your jewelry images to be retouched and we will make sure every single instruction is implemented.

Marketplace Specifications

Whether you want to publish on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping or Facebook, with our Marketplace specifications you can choose your desired portal in just one click and we will know exactly how to retouch your images for it.

Custom Templates

We help you save your time by avoiding the redundant tasks of selecting similar image editing settings frequently for different orders with our custom templates. Simply use our template every time you need a specific setting and you are done in a single click!

Create Variants

Gemeye Retouch can help you get product images of the same design with different metals and stones with our Product Variants feature. Not only we understand the visual difference between various metals, we also know the precise visual difference between 14K, 18K and 24K yellow gold variations. This is the level of expertise we offer!

Smart Cloud Storage

Stay organized with our dynamically designed Image Library. Simply drag and drop to store ALL your images in one place in the safest and most secure way using our smart online backup service. Whatever you store is automatically synced to all your devices and your Gemeye account.

Natural Retouching

Every piece of gemstone and metal we retouch has flawless luster and shine with accurate and truthful color tones. Irrespective of what gem or metal your piece consists of, you can be rest assured about having the perfect natural look and color.

Image library

Our all-in-one jewelry-exclusive retouching solutions empower you to easily edit, organize, store and manage all your images in a few clicks.
Stay organized with our dynamically designed image library and save your images to automatically sync with your Gemeye account. Instantly create folders, upload & store images and easily access files from anywhere. Simply drag and drop to store ALL your images in ONE place in the safest & most secure way using our smart UI. Now you will never lose your product images again.
Store All Your Images

Upload, create folders, store, copy, edit, search, personalize, update and create countless backups any time you want.

We are dedicated to make image management simpler for you with our smart and advanced image cloud storage solutions.

Access Images From Anywhere

Whatever you store in our Image Library, it is automatically synchronized to all your devices including your laptop, smartphone, tabs and your Gemeye account.

No matter where you are, easily upload and instantly access your images in a click.

Edit & Update With Confidence

No matter where you are or what device you are on, Gemeye makes it easy for you to edit and update your images stored in our Image Library.

Create as many folders you need, cut, copy and move your images and folders as many times you want, all in just a few clicks.

Secure & Safe Always

Anything and everything you drop in our Image Library is private and confidential. With end-to-end encryption, we store your images with utmost safety and security. You may also choose to opt for added protection to your Gemeye account with multi-step verification. You control your images at all times.

Redesign your workflow by staying organized with the Gemeye Image Library.

Retouch Pricing

Take your brand to a whole new level with our budget-friendly, no surprises pricing options.

$ 3  Per Image
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Background Removal with Clipping Path
  • Image Cropping & Resizing
  • Image Alignment
  • Image Compression for Web Optimization
  • Marketplace Specific Editing
  • Prices May Vary After Image Review
$ 10  Per Image
  • Everything from SILVER
  • Brightness/Contrast Adjustment
  • Dust and Scratch Removal
  • Blemish & Reflection Removal
  • Level Adjustment for Depth Enhancement
  • Adding Natural Shadows
  • Color Correction & Enhancement
  • Metal/Gem Replacement, Restoration & Repair
  • Focus Stacking with Multiple Images
  • Mirror Effect for Earrings

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Want to ask questions? Here are answers to your commonly asked questions.

Yes absolutely, you can ask in for a few test edit samples of the images before you order the full project. We will like to gain your confidence through our impeccable work.
Yes we can assure you about the privacy and security of your pictures along with your data. We do not use any of your pictures at any other place except for your work.
Yes we do accept RAW images.
You can share your images through Google drive, Dropbox and you can even upload it in our system.
No, we don’t take advances. Rather we charge the full amount of the services we provide for.
Yes we do keep backup files for a period of 7 days so that incase you lose any content we will be able to help you to restore them.
Depending upon the work size, we will inform you about the delivery dates prior to accepting the orders. If it’s a rush order then we can expedite it at extra cost.