Order & returns

Once you have placed your order with Gem Eye, you can easily track your order and check its current status in real-time.

Order history

Once you have placed your order with Gem Eye, you can easily track your order and check its current status in real-time.

View your order history
  • Visit GemEye.com and select “LOGIN” from the top navigation bar.
  • Login to your Gem Eye account
  • Enter your registered Gem Eye username/email address and password and login.
  • After logging in, go to My Orders to view a list of all your recent orders.
  • You can view the order number, date, number of images and price of the order instantly from here.
  • From the editing tab, you can change order specifications, add additional comments or cancel order.
  • You can also download invoice from the list, once your order is confirmed & payment has been received.
Check Your Order Status
  • Visit the My Orders page.
  • For a quick view, you can check the order status directly from the list.
  • Alternatively, select the Status tab to categorize your current & previous orders.
  • Depending on your selection, you will be able to view all orders under a specific status.
  • You can also view your orders from your Gem Eye account overview after logging in.

Cancelling order

Changing or Cancelling Your Order

You may cancel your order within 1 hour of submitting on the Gem Eye web portal. Orders cannot be canceled or changed once your order has been confirmed and payment has been received by us.

However, if your order is still ‘In Review’ or ‘Awaiting for Acceptance’, then you can change or cancel order. You can call our customer support or drop an email mentioning your order number, contact details, reason for change or cancelation etc. Your customer support staff will attend your request promptly and get back to you via email or phone. In case you do not hear from us in 24 hours (business days only) please call us at +1-347-349-6589.

If you want to change your order after confirmation, then please call or email us as soon as possible. If possible, we would certainly try to comply with your request. However, based on when the order was placed and confirmed, it may not be possible always to change your order.

Order Cancellation

If there has been some issues or negligence from our end after confirmation of your order and you wish to cancel the order then please get in touch with us over phone or email.

Requests to cancel an order after confirmation will be assessed by our management team, depending on:

  • Violations to our Terms & Conditions.
  • General misconduct from our end, such as unlawful behavior, harassment etc.
  • Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of images delivered by you.
Gem Eye may cancel an order based on, but not limited to, the reasons mentioned below:

Before Confirmation:

  • The images delivered by you do not meet our guidelines.
  • Images delivered by you include trademark/copyright infringing materials.
  • You are abusive towards our team and affiliates.
  • You are no longer an active Gem Eye user due to closure of your account or violations of our Terms & Conditions.

After Confirmation:

  • If you abuse our revisions service and request for different services than initially agreed upon requirements.
  • If you threaten to post a bad rating online to get additional services, not related to the agreed upon requirements.
  • If you did not purchase commercial usage rights and have used the images commercially.

Still Have Questions?

Our support team is ready to answer all your queries and concerns. Contact

Want To Make A Complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of service you receive from us, do let us know by calling us on +1-347-349-6589 or emailing at sales@gemeye.com

Gem Eye undertakes

  • To deal with all complaints confidentially, effectively & fairly.
  • To acknowledge all complaint within 7 days.
  • To update you on the progress of the complaint.