Gemeye ecommerce

We are a one-stop solution for integrating, optimizing and managing your online jewelry store in a few clicks.

B2C jewelry store

GemEye offers feature-rich e-Commerce solutions when it comes to doing B2C transactions. See what GemEye has in its store for you.

  • Add your existing custom domain with GemEye system. Choose from our available themes.
  • We help you to set up a fully optimized and feature-rich online jewelry store.
  • We integrate shopping cart to your online jewelry store for order and product management.
  • Host and monitor your website with ease. Import hassle-freely into your ERP or any other system of your choice.
  • We are integrated with QuickBooks which makes invoicing and accounting easy.
  • We are mobile-optimized to give more satisfactory customer experience.

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B2B jewelry store

Experience the best of jewelry ecommerce with our exclusive B2B store

  • Create a catalog of your chosen products along with multiple variants and take sales orders.
  • You can also create PDF format of your product catalog.
  • Assign sales reps to cater to different customers and create catalogs based on the buyers requirements.
  • Add discounts to the items in your catalog anytime you want. You can create customer-level discounts.
  • Track inventory easily and keep your inventory in sync across all sales channels. Request for a free demo today and know more about the B2B model of GemEye.

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GemEye marketplace

Do you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces as well? GemEye is your friend in that journey. Have a look at how GemEye helps in selling jewelry on different marketplaces.

  • Effortlessly change any number of product listings at a time with our bulk editing functionality.
  • Creates new or manages existing products with multiple variants such as color for Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Easily import pre-built HTML templates or build your own with our HTML editor.
  • Manage products with different identifiers as one item.
  • Bulks upload hundreds of products or import your supplier’s inventory.
  • Downloads all your SKUs from a sales channel in a matter of minutes.
  • Search with advanced filters to find products.
  • Quickly makes changes to titles, descriptions, and prices.
  • Add customs attributes for products and templates.
  • Set customizable descriptions and shipping attributes for each product.

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Gemeye POS

Our POS mode is ready to simplify jewelry e-Commerce just for you. Look upon the POS facilities we offer

  • Our POS system allows you to generate quotations with ease. Just select the products from your catalog and apply the valid quotations and other information with just a few clicks.
  • Your quotations are generated in PDF format through the GemEye system, which then you can share with your customers easily.
  • Just add name and price of the products to add the products to the system.
  • Just scan your product SKU with a barcode reading machine to locate and checkout any product instantly.
  • Use the filtering option to remove products from your catalog easily. Get a free demo today ad find out more about our POS mode.

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