Attracting Millennials: 3 Powerful Digital Marketing For Jewelers

Attracting Millennials: 3 Powerful Digital Marketing For Jewelers

The Generation Y, better known as the Millennial Generation, refers to people born between 1980 and 2000. But why should you be concerned about millennials? Well, the truth is millennials now comprise a major chunk of the customer base for the jewelry industry globally. Hence, it is crucial that as an online jeweler you consider the millennials while developing a successful jewelry promotion & digital marketing strategy.

One of the biggest advantages for online jewelry business owners is that millennials are highly tech savvy and spend most of their time in the digital world. This is good news for jewelry ecommerce brands as you can reach and influence them to buy your products easily using digital marketing tools like social media ads, email marketing, YouTube videos and even text messages. So make sure your jewelry promotion campaigns are precisely on point if you wish to capture this segment of your audience.

Here are some tips that will enable you to develop a digital marketing strategy for the millennials:

Embrace The Values of Millennials

If you want to attract the attention of millennial prospects, then it is very important that you start by appealing to their values. It has been observed that millennials are mostly attracted to promotional and marketing strategies that support the environment, affordable and helpful. When promoting, as a jeweler you should focus on aspects like conflict-free diamonds to show the millennial groups how ethical your brand is and what business values you practice. If you prefer selling lab simulated or humanely sourced diamonds, it can be a wise idea to design your digital marketing campaign based on that. This will help to draw in more buyers in the millennial age bracket.

Utilize The Right Channels

As millennials are usually hesitant to answer phone calls from unknown numbers and email ads mostly get marked as spam, the best way to reach this particular group successfully is with social media marketing. To get started, create your official account in leading social network platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms serve as great mediums that allow you to communicate directly to your audience. By posting informative, relevant and interesting content you can easily capture their attention.

Post Relevant & Appropriate Content

Marketing your online jewelry business specifically to millennials is mainly an amalgamation of trust & authenticity. So if you post something common or generic, your target buyers will undoubtedly scroll past that. However, if you posts are more personal and refers to something that they truly care about then they will be more interested to check it. This way your brand will stay in their minds every time they decide to purchase jewelry next time.

Customizing your jewelry promotion & marketing strategies to cater to millennials should not be very challenging. At GemEye Marketing, we understand what millennials think and want. We also know how you can appeal to them by creating the most effective digital marketing campaign for your online jewelry business.

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