5 Social Media Winning Tricks for Jewelry Brands

5 Social Media Winning Tricks for Jewelry Brands

In the recent years, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks have been screening many attractive jewelry advertisements as pages where you are told to like and share the pages if you want. You will see that these activities increase when you search for a particular jewelry, that is, they will show you pages related to that particular jewelry or other relevant jewelry.

This is not just happening on its own. There is a particular marketing strategy behind it and that is called jewelry marketing. Social media is playing a major role in promoting brands for start-ups or small businesses. 

Now you may think that how does these businesses eventually make their mark on these social media platforms. Here are some tricks that will exactly tell you how to do jewelry marketing on social media platforms. 

Concentrate on your brand image!

These social media platforms are such powerful tools; they can make your brand go viral overnight, provided you know the exact ways of showcasing your jewelry products. Say suppose, a particular piece of jewelry went viral when a popular celebrity was seen wearing it. The trend for that jewelry styling was actually set. You just have to follow these online posts and provide similar posts focusing on your jewelry product based promotion.

The idea of shipping! 

You may have heard about shipping. This does not mean shipping your product. It refers to the famous hash tags people use these days to root for a brand. People ship for anything and everything. Shipping actually means the fact when the fans of a particular brand or a personalities fixes them as couples online or when they like watching a particular brand in a particular way. Post your brands in reference to those viral shipped posts and ask your audience to participate by liking, sharing or even shipping. When people start liking your brand, they will automatically start rooting for it. It is emerging as an effective way of jewelry branding. 

Sentiments always work on social media!

Why do you think there is always some emotion added to any kind of promotion related to jewelry? It is because jewelry shopping is all about emotions and people can easily relate to the feelings you want to evoke. That is why there is always a wedding or a happy story attached to the jewelry marketing on all the social media platforms. 

Trigger that emotion in people, and tell them stories about your brand and about how you came up with this particular design or tell them about the past history about a particular piece of jewelry. This engages your audience.

Give them something to do!

Jewelry branding is actually fun, and you also get a piece of the action. Hold contests like quizzes on various jewelry products such as name this new design; keep them rewarding by providing discount coupons on particular shopping on your site. This entices the customers and they willingly participate to have fun and win an exciting opportunity to win.

Jewelry reputation management pays off!

Jewelry product based promotion also means to keep a safeguard so that your brand’s name is not tinted by any negative reviews or reports in any way because as powerful as social media tools are, they can be devastating when it comes to maintaining reputation for your brand for the fact that any brand, anytime can go wrongly viral. 

Maintain transparency of your jewelry brand and keep a leader for the social media platforms. Do not buy followers rather work hard and get them organically because their actual reviews and shares will give you optimum results for jewelry reputation management.

Jewelry marketing on social media platform is very important and very easy too. Make sure that you are on the right path and you stick to your brand no matter what!