6 Amazing Ideas for Selling Jewelry Online from Home

6 Amazing Ideas for Selling Jewelry Online from Home

Do you love making jewelry? Is it your hobby? Well, make it your profession by selling jewelry from home.  Jewelry is always precious and an important accessory to all, no matter where it comes from. 

Moreover, when you have the freedom to sell jewelry while you are just tangling your hair or listening to music, then why go elsewhere? So, know about the amazing ideas to help you make some money while you are working on your precious jewelry at home.

#1 Create a brand

After all, it’s your own hand-made jewelry. Therefore, you should be the one responsible for its name and style. It is like raising your own kid. Think of a unique name that defines your jewelry brand best. The logo is the face of the company, once you become an established brand, people while know you by your jewelry brand’s name and logo. Therefore think out of the box when you are designing your logo. 

#2 Create a website

A website is very important when it online selling. Creating website, promoting and marketing your jewelry brand and selling it is like a chain system. Everything is linked to the other and it starts from the website. Therefore building up a powerful website is the key part of selling jewelry online. 

Give special emphasis on your homepage, because anywhere online you put your website’s advertisement or anytime anyone uses your site as a plugin, they will likely to be redirected to your home page. Therefore, the home page should be extensively user engaging. But that does not mean that you ignore other pages of your website. Each page is special.

#3 Describe your jewelry

When it comes to hand-made jewelry, you will have to face certain competition. In this case, you should know what makes your jewelry different from others. Describe your brand in a way no one has thought of. Give vivid pictures each and every piece of jewelry you made and put detailed product description on each piece. You can even ask for pictures of your previous customers where they are wearing the jewelry. It gives a clear idea of your jewelry to the potential customers and viewers.

#4 Start marketing

Social media is an easy and efficient way to market your product as well as promote your jewelry online. With the widespread popularity of social media platforms, spreading words about your jewelry business becomes much easier. Making a Facebook page is not so difficult; you can add a useful backlink of your website in the page so that every time anyone who visits the page, can straightaway go to your official website. Pinterest and Instagram are some of the useful social media platforms where you can post pictures of your jewelry and do some promotion of your brand.

#5 Ecommerce platforms

For those who have the talent of making crafted hand-made jewelry but has less clue about digitally marketing it can easily look for an efficient eCommerce platform, which not only helps you with setting up your website but also help you sell your jewelry. Such as using GemEye as your eCommerce platform will not only simplify your jewelry business but it will also look to the fact that it does not disturb your current business flow. It is one of the easiest ways to build your jewelry business online.

#6 Profit margins

You need to be aware of the profit margin of your business, so that you do not lose money on selling jewelry. Make sure you have proper calculations of the cost each material you use to make jewelry, the fee you provide to your labor, shipping costs and other necessary expenses. Add up this information and then decide the price for each product so that you stay profitable.

A few more words…

Digital marketing is a great idea when you want to sell something online from home, without taking the pain of actually creating brick and mortar business. But every business needs consistency, even if you are selling jewelry online, you need to keep yourself up-to-date with all the details of your business and keep a keen eye on the competition and jewelry trends. 

Now you can embark and have fun on the journey from making jewelry for friends and yourself to making jewelry for everyone!