7 Effective Ways to Augment Jewellery Ecommerce Conversion

7 Effective Ways to Augment Jewellery Ecommerce Conversion

In simple terms, e-commerce conversion rate refers to the percentage of sales in respect to the number of sessions by a user. In a broad sense, the higher the conversion rates, greater are your sales, and higher are your profits. 

However, research indicates a significant number of businesses actually report a less than 1% conversion rate. This has been attributed to the relatively low awareness about conversion rates, and ways to increase them. 

This article shall highlight a few ways of optimising your jewelry e-commerce system so as to derive higher conversion rates out of the traffic you receive. 

Ease of use:

One of the most important techniques to drive up conversion rates is one of the most simple ones: making your site or application easy to use. Customers do not want to be stuck trying to find their way out of a maze of products and catalogues and carts and shopping options. Keep things simple and easy.


It is very essential to establish trust in your business in your customers. After all, they are going to be buying jewelry from you. Display security options on your website, and include security options related to the products themselves. Also, genuine reviews are important to establish trust. Get as many as you must.


Be as original regarding the quality of your website content as you are regarding the jewelry you offer. Add clear and detailed descriptions regarding your products, your services, all general questions frequently asked by customers, and ways to reach out. Let your visitors know how much you value them simply by providing a beautiful layout, original and unique descriptions, and clear and vibrant images of your products. A number of times, this is all they need to actually buy from you.

Running out:

Inculcate a sense of urgency in your site viewers with the help of this simple technique. Once informed of the fact that your product is going to go off shelves soon, visitors are going to be encouraged to purchase immediately or risk losing out. This also indicates to the customers of the popularity of the product, and thereby tells them that they are making the right choice in buying it.


Another simple trick is adding a limited time countdown. Clearly inform them that orders would be collected only till a fixed time before shipping closes off, and they would have to wait till the next working day or so to get their purchase delivered. This allows you to take advantage of the impatience of buyers.

Customer service:

Added to security, customer service is of paramount importance. Offer clear guidelines for them to reach out to you regarding any questions or concerns that they might have. A live chat or call option is an added advantage.


Make sure your website is responsive at all times. Crashes and downtimes will not just drive sales down, in the jewelry business, they may actually put you out of business.

So those were a few simple and useful techniques that you can add to your jewelry e-commerce system. These with the help of these actionable changes, you should soon see a slow upward growth in your conversion rates without much further effort.