Blog Post Ideas For Jewelry Makers

Blog Post Ideas For Jewelry Makers

Are you a jewelry brand? Or a jewelry designer? If you are a jewelry business owner planning to take your brand online, then a blog is surely and excellent way to communicate & engage your viewers. A blog is a smart jewelry marketing online strategy that will help you to share your ideas and create a unique brand image. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the world of jewelry ecommerce, a good blog is a helpful tool to make your viewers come back to your website.

So to help you create the most creative and informative blogs, here we are going to share some of the best blog ideas for effective jewelry marketing online your jewelry brand.

Tell Your Brand Story

It is often a great idea to share your origin story, how your brand came into existence, what is the purpose and what you want to achieve as a jeweler. A blog is the perfect opportunity to build your brand story.

Jewelry Caring Tips

As a jeweler you must have acquired enough technical know-how about how to keep your items in the best shape possible. So by sharing expert tips & tricks on how to care for their fine jewelry, like tips on cleaning gemstones etc., you can become a brand your visitors can rely on.

Basic Tutorials

You can write blogs on a number of basic helpful tutorials to engage your viewers and make them keep coming to your site. You can share infographics, video tutorials, step-by-step guides to help your visitors.

Summer Fashion Trends

Share the latest jewelry fashion trends for this summer and suggest your viewers what designs they should wear, what they should accessorize it with and how they may wear it this summer season. You can also give jewelry fashion tips to create the best holiday and festival looks.

How to Smartly Measure Jewelry 

Share your tips and advice on how your users can measure their own jewelry by themselves. You can write step by step guides for properly measuring sizes for rings, bracelets or chains. 

Instagram Accounts to Follow

Suggest your readers on which jewelry and fashion Instagram accounts they should follow to get the latest updates. This will also help you to strengthen your bond within the industry as you keep referring the foremost influencers. 

Write a Book Review

Are there any good books on jewelry and fashion? Is there some publication that inspired you to become a jewelry designer? Let your readers know which books have left a lasting impression on you and your designs by reviewing relevant books.

Jewelry Photography Tips

Taking good and professional looking photos of jewelry and gemstones is not an easy task. Due to shadows, reflections, dust and scratches, a beautiful design may turn out really bad in a photograph. You can share your experiences and expertise in taking high quality jewelry images and help out your readers with some genuinely effective tips.

Sneak Peek of Your Collection 

Share a peek into your latest collection and other relevant insights to your recent designs through write-ups, images and even short videos. It will not only inspire your readers but also help in boosting sales.

Talk About Your Favorites

Share some love in the community by writing about your favorite jewelers, brands and designers and how they inspired you. This will not only enable you to spread awareness but also share some love to the community.

Share Latest Updates

Let your visitors and readers know about the latest updates from your brand – new designs, collections, competitions, discounts, offers or whatever exciting is going on.

We certainly hope these tips inspire you to start writing some creative and unique blogs for your jewelry website. Make sure your blogs are not only informative and helpful but also fun to read so that your readers get engaged and keep coming back for more.

Good luck!

Do you have some more tips that you want to add? Simply comment below and help out your fellow jewelers and designers.