The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Online Jewelry Brands

The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Online Jewelry Brands

How do you want your buyers to shop for jewelry? Any online jewelry brand would want their target audience to make jewelry purchases from the comfort of their home by visiting their online store. If this is exactly what you want, then first you need to ensure that you have a beautiful jewelry website. Secondly, you also need to make sure that your site is ranked on top of popular search engines like Google. However, it also needs to meet specific criteria like images, content, keywords, descriptions, headings & design. At GemEye Marketing, we are dedicated to offer you the best and most affordable jewelry digital marketing solutions to help you achieve your eCommerce goals.

Selling jewelry online is perhaps more complicated than selling any other product as the market is much more competitive. Why? Due to the presence of prominent brands who invest generously in promoting their online store across multiple platforms. However, don’t let that deter you. Even with the highly competitive nature of the industry, you can claim a sizeable chunk of the market even as a new player. Our expert team of digital marketers knows how to develop the right strategy to help you increase traffic and sales.

If you want to boost the volume of organic traffic to your website or online jewelry store and you want to be ranked better on leading search engine results, then we have the best advice for you and your eCommerce business. The first step you need to take is improving your online store’s presence through effective jewelry digital marketing so that it will fetch you unique & new buyers for your pieces. By utilizing a wide array of helpful tools like social media marketing and pay-per-click ads (PPC), we help you create an excellent platform for the best online presence of your website on the internet. This will help people who want to buy jewelry to find you online, know about your brand, check out your collection and finally place the order.

Here are some of the most effective tools for the successful digital marketing of any online jewelry store-

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Yahoo Ads
  3. Bing Ads
  4. Twitter Ads
  5. Facebook Ads 
  6. Linkedin Ads 
  7. YouTube Ads
  8. E-Mail Marketing

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

If you want to be found first on the internet by online jewelry shoppers, then it is imperative you develop a strong Google Adwords advertising campaign. This will help you to experience a significant rise in traffic from day one itself. One of the best starting points for promoting your online store is with contextual advertising as it helps drive further traffic to your online store.  With GemEye Marketing, you can be rest assured about getting world-class solutions as we conduct a detailed analysis of competitors, choose a semantic core & create an optimal strategy for initiating advertising as well as bidding.

This will directly boost online sales of your products and encourage you to offer better quality jewelry with more beautiful & unique designs. However, before undertaking contextual advertising, it is imperative that define the budget and the bid limits to decide how much impact your ads will have. Our team of specialists will also do an in-depth evaluation of the campaigns conducted by your competitors. This will enable us to offer you optimal solutions for your contextual advertising investments.

Social Media Marketing 

With effective social media marketing you can connect with people who are already aware about your brand and also reach out to new users as well. By developing a smart strategy and efficient management, you can implement a powerful social media marketing campaign for a solid influx of organic traffic to your online store resulting in better sales and revenue. For instance, Facebook is best suited for connecting with customers and is excellent for building the right image of your jewelry brand.

GemEye offers top-notch social media promotion solutions that help to grow your audience base as well as your client list. With our detailed competitor analysis, we find out the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals. This allows us to develop the right strategy of how you can penetrate the market and where you brand needs to be placed to catch your audiences’ attention. Our team works closely with you to determine the topics of posts, the volume of posts, the most effective time for your publishing and most crucial – the selection of media, both images and videos. Based on the strategy developed, we will create and manage your social media account.

The strategy will take the following into consideration:

  • How you want to present your brand story?
  • How your brand should appear to prospective buyers?
  • What type of information you want to share with your customers?
  • What type of posts will ensure maximum viewer engagement?
  • What media type is best suited for your brand & your audience?

The primary goal is to catch the attention of your target audience and to share high quality content that will be relevant, informational, interesting and fun. What’s more? We will develop advertising campaigns & events created specifically for your brand that will attract the most engagement from your target audience. We will develop the campaigns by considering the likes and preferences of your buyers so that it creates the maximum impact within the best budget. You will also get customized promotional campaigns that will allow you to share the latest updates, offers and discounts for your jewelry brand to attract customers.

Email Marketing 

Apart from the tools mentioned above, email marketing is another essential aspect of jewelry digital marketing that can help you get desired traffic and sales for your eCommerce portal. This is perhaps one of the oldest tools used by marketers to attract buyers and with good reason. With a proper email marketing campaign you can not only get repeat buyers to your store but also reach new buyers by providing special discounts, offers and promotions. A well-crafted newsletter will empower you to get more loyal customers by informing them about the latest updates from your jewelry brands by increasing the conversion rates. With email marketing, you are not asking your audience to buy something but you are only informing them what you are offering and why your jewelry is special.

Need some expert help?

Wondering how you can implement a successful jewelry digital marketing campaign? Well, we are here to help you with exactly what you need. With our extensive experience in jewelry industry, we help you market your website online as per your brand’s requirement. Being ROI driven, our jewelry-exclusive digital marketing tools help you to tap your target market through strategic efforts to drive traffic, leads & sales.