Drive In Customers to your Jewelry Online Store with These 3 Tricks

Drive In Customers to your Jewelry Online Store with These 3 Tricks

When you are getting down with your jewelry online store, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Yes, having your own brand but then for that you need customers. Because a jewelry business that sells more becomes a recognizable brand. That is, in fact, the main purpose of promoting your brand and marketing it, to get more prospects and to increase sales.

That is why we have brought these amazing tricks through which you can easily drive in customers to your online jewelry store.

#1 Try to throw a launching event

Engaging customers is an initial step which needs convincing and lots more. But, re-engaging the same customers in future is a very tricky job. For that reason, you should try and put the month of end sale and monthly discounts as a newsletter and send it to your customers.

You can also organize an hourly sale, where your jewelry online store puts up every item on sale for a specific few hours.

This also brings in more customers and keeps existing customers returning to your jewelry online store. Not only this, but you can organize jewelry collection launching events where you invite your existing customers to see and give their opinion about your new findings. This trick also works as an effective jewelry brand promotion for your brand.

#2 Spread the Word about Your Customer Service

Two things are needed to be done for this. First, improve your customer service to the point where people love to visit your website and buy from you. Design your website in such a way that the customers not only feel greeted by you but also feels that you can understand what they want and you are ready to give them that.

Once you get them to buy your jewelry, the next thing you need to do is provide them easy payment options and a feature-rich shopping cart where they can not only save other products for future purchase but also filter locations and delivery date according to their preferences.

GemEye helps you in integrating an ideal jewelry online store with shopping cart and other facilities like QuickBooks, FedEx and lot more. Not only that, but you can also sell on different marketplaces with the help of GemEye, the only jewelry-centric e-Commerce solutions platform.

Once the product is successfully delivered to them, all you need is to ask them for review or give comments on their service. You can also ask them to refer your brand to their other friends. Another smart and useful jewelry brand promotion tactic that most of the jewelry brands are adopting nowadays is to create a purchase story.

Say suppose, a person bought a wedding ring from you. You can share the story of how he came in contact with your jewelry brand; how your brand found the perfect wedding ring for his fiancé and once the story is created, you can then share it as a blog or in the testimonial page of your jewelry website.

#3 Try To Reward Loyal Customers

Rewarding your loyal customers creates positive possibilities you could not have imagined. First of all, it creates an online reputation for your jewelry online store; second, you make sales for your business and win your customers back again and third you get referrals from them which increase the popularity of your online jewelry brand, paving way for successful jewelry brand promotion.

Now let us dive into the ways in which you can reward the loyal customers.

·  Surprise them by dropping a gift coupon along with a thank you email.

·  Keep track of their birthdays and anniversaries and offer them personal discounts on those special occasions.

·  Celebrate your association with them by providing them with reward points and offers. When the audience comes to know that they are gaining points with each purchase, they are likely to get hooked up for more.

You know there’s always room for more ideas? So, let us know about your ideas of user engagement. Find out more about online jewelry selling via our suggestive reading list:

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