Give Your Jewelry Brand A Boost With Image Retouching

Give Your Jewelry Brand A Boost With Image Retouching

With the growing demand for jewelry image retouching services across the world, today you can find numerous retouching companies in the Unites States that offer good services and excellent deals. However, when it comes to premium jewelry image retouching services, there are only a few service providers that can offer you the best services suited for a high end brand like yours. So what do you do? Let’s explore.

Properly edited photographs are key for boosting online sales especially if you are a reputed jewelry brand. It is almost mandatory for jewelry manufacturers and even online retailers to capture high quality product images to represent your brand online. You must ensure that your jewelry images are free from dusts, shadows, scratches, reflections and other undesirable elements. Yet, when you actually get down to take the photographs using the best cameras and the most skilled photographers; it will still not turn out perfect. Top notch image retouching can help you make your flawed images perfect by removing all the elements that distract your viewers from your piece.

By enhancing the overall image quality, retouching helps to define your jewelry flawlessly and creates the right impact on your online buyers. But to get perfectly retouched jewelry photos, you need to team up with a reputed jewelry image retouching company that will not only offer premium services but is also capable of handling bulk orders from leading jewelry brands.

Your retouching service provider should be able to offer you world-class services that include:

•Clipping path

•Background removal

•Noise removal

•Image masking

•Ghost mannequin

•Color correction

•Photo resizing

•Raster to vector

•Image alignment & cropping

•Brightness & contrast adjustment

•Shadow making

•Ecommerce imaging solutions

•Changing metal and stone color

•Improving gemstone and precious metal color

•Shine enhancement

But the question remains, how can you get the best jewelry image retouching company that has adequate experience in working with the leading reputed jewelry brands? One of the major factors is that your chosen service provider should be adept in offering clipping path services. Why? The clipping path application ensures that all the details of your jewelry piece are heightened and nothing is lost due to photography issues like poor lighting. Any established retouching firm will offer you the best clipping path services along with other image editing services.

Image retouching services are in high demand today in the United States as well as in Europe. But it can be quite costly to hire the services of a good retouching company. There are many reputed retouchers out there; hence deciding on who is the best can be really difficult. So what you need to do is decide on a service provider that will not only offer you the services you need, but also understand your business requirements and offer you a great deal that fits your budget.

This is where we come in. GemEye Retouch offers you world-class jewelry image retouching services that are tailor-made to meet the needs of your jewelry brand. With over 30 years of expertise in the global jewelry sphere, we know what it takes to make your brand saleable online. At GemEye, our services are completely customized to each single detail. Moreover, we understand the value of money and time. Hence, we offer budget-friendly prices and on-time delivery despite the large size of your bulk orders.

The high end retouching services from GemEye Retouch will transform your dull images to attractive artworks that will turn casual users to returning buyers.

What makes GemEye Retouch so special?

•Client satisfaction is our main focus

•More than 30 years of industry experience

•Most competitive prices

•We never compromise on quality

•Leading jewelry brands trust us

•Specifically trained team of expert editors 

•Free rework until you are satisfied

•Safe, secure and confidential

Based in New York, GemEye Retouch not only offers the best image retouching services but our images are optimized for ecommerce to help you maximize your profits. So if you want the right retouching partner for your reputed jewelry brand, then waste no more time and get started with world class image retouching today! Request a free trial with GemEye to experience what retouching can do for your business.