How Jewelry Photo Retouching Can Reshape Your Brand


Did you know 79% of Americans now shop online? That’s a whopping amount of people who prefer shopping simply by tapping their smartphones. According to a 2016 Pew Research study, 8 out of 10 US consumers choose to shop online over a brick and mortar store. The study also found that over 51 percent of Americans have bought their favorite products through their phones while almost 15 percent bought something through links on social networks.

But how do they know what they are getting? It’s simple…product images. Images are your sales rep when it comes to e-commerce and if you are in the fashion industry, the importance of images amps up several levels. 

The fact remains that getting great product photos is really hard. Despite hiring a professional photographer, it is highly likely your images will not turn out the way you want, especially if you deal with jewelry.

The Power of Jewelry Image Retouching


If you are an online retailer or a jewelry brand, retouching your images becomes highly important not only to build the right brand image, but also to coax your visitors in to buying your products. Let’s face it, you surely don’t want your buyers to see raw lackluster jewelry images and drive them away to your competitors. Retouched jewelry images can give you an edge and empower you to transform casual visitors to returning buyers.

How? Why don’t we take a look at how jewelry photo retouching can redefine your business? Here it goes.

Buyers See Your Product Images First

As I mentioned earlier, your images are your sale reps when it comes to online shopping. When visitors land on your page, the first thing they notice are, you guessed it right, images! Your visitors can’t touch or try your jewelry as they would in physical showroom. Their purchase decisions are primarily influenced by product images, description and price. However, you need to keep in mind that they will only care about reading the specifications if they like the pictures. Make sure they like what they see and you got yourself an order!

Show What Your Buyers Want To See

You cannot always have the perfect setting while taking your jewelry photos. Sometimes the background, models or the mannequins look out of place while at times the metals and stones might lose their natural appeal in the photographs. So what do you do? This is where jewelry photo retouching comes in. 

Professional retouching makes your images alluring, bright and vibrant that can be appropriately displayed on your online store. You can easily change backgrounds, remove dust and noise, get rid of mannequins, adjust exposure, color correction and more.

Make Your Jewelry Images Pop

You know how challenging jewelry photo shoots can be. Shooting without a mannequin makes your jewelry items look flat while shooting with mannequins can take the focus away from your product. Jewelry image retouching offers you best of both worlds with the ghost mannequin technique. This makes your jewelry images have more depth with better focus on its overall shape, size and look.

Build Brand Reputation, Boost Your Sales

Do you want poor quality images to represent your brand? E-commerce is all about branding and boasting alluring product images can give your brand that much needed boost. This in turn, reflects in your sales figures as well. Jewelry photo retouching helps you to get rid of dull photos by editing them to more alluring and dazzling photographs that captures buyers’ attention and transforms them to returning buyers.

Professional image retouching & enhancement can actually help you to boost sales significantly. So if you are a jewelry brand or online seller, then our customized services are exactly what you need. Let our team of experts help you take your brand stand out of the crowd with our high end budget friendly retouching services.

Not sure how image retouching can make a difference? Request a demo today to try our free trial offer to experience the magic yourself.