How To Increase Jewelry Sales Via LinkedIn

How To Increase Jewelry Sales Via LinkedIn

Successful sales are built upon good relationships. If you have a reputation with your existing clients and create bond with the potential clients, to do so, the first thing you need is to reach out to them on a regular basis. 

Fortunately, that has become a lot easy with the advent on social media platforms. Not only that, it also helps you in promoting your brand and making a good reputation for your jewelry business. 

Social selling is becoming much of a larger factor of digital marketing, mainly because of its relevance to targeted strategy. Thus it is called “social” selling, because you make new contacts and expand your brand through it. LinkedIn is a bigger part of social jewelry selling. It is proving to be beneficial. 

Benefits of Jewelry Selling on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is your first choice when it comes to B2B sales; that is business to business. It is because LinkedIn is born from the directory of professionals into a network of first-choice.
  • It does not involve any gossip or social or political issue which other social sites have developed into them. 
  • LinkedIn has a unique and well developed Social Selling Index (SSI) as its performance metric system.
  • Moreover, LinkedIn believes that setting up a jewelry business via it increases 45% more sales opportunity.
  • According to reliable sources, LinkedIn makes you 51% more likely to hit your quota. Hence, it helps you in reaching the desired connections and other goals you want to achieve from your social jewelry selling. 
  • It also helps you in reaching those people who do not use social media platforms and increase your peers by 78%. 
  • Important Steps For Selling Jewelry Via LinkedIn
  • There are several tips as to how social selling works effectively through LinkedIn and they are:
  • Professionals on LinkedIn, appreciate if someone gives insights regarding valuable information given on behalf of your jewelry brand. This includes the expert tips of making jewelry, designing information and many others.
  • In order to make social jewelry selling work on LinkedIn, you need to fully optimize your optimize your profile. It is high time that you create a perfect profile out of your scrap CV. Creating a pitch perfect profile means that you are telling your viewers that you are an expert in this field.
  • LinkedIn lets you meet real-life communication. So treat them like human beings. Don’t just dump loads of brochures and your business card on them. First, build connection with the people you’ve just met.
  • If you find out that large number of requests and messages are being ignored, don’t lose heart because it actually means that all those are profiles are run by active users. Plus, LinkedIn has filters that will allow you to focus on active users for social jewelry selling.
  • Fully automate your profile by using tools on LinkedIn that not only helps in connecting with people, but also helps in messaging, endorsing and managing your account. Experience an assistant-like experience with LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is useful for social jewelry selling and avoiding it would be a pretty unfortunate thing to do. Leave a comment in the discussion bar below and let us know more about your experience with LinkedIn.