How To Make Your Ecommerce Jewelry Images More Attractive & Marketable

How To Make Your Ecommerce Jewelry Images More Attractive & Marketable

So you want to increase your sales online. Great idea! But how do you do it? To start with, you offer the best jewelry pieces and unique designs following the latest trends. But that does not guarantee that you will achieve eCommerce success. Selling luxury and fashion items online, like jewelry requires you to take a unique approach to marketing that ensures your viewers are attracted to your products.

So today we are going to take a look at some valuable and effective factors that will help you make your jewelry products appealing and attractive to your targeted buyers.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you capture high quality and exceptional product photographs that will catch the attention of viewers. The harsh truth is poor quality and unprofessional looking photos can make you lose a large chunk of buyers. And you surely don’t want that! You simply cannot ignore the importance of professional-looking jewelry photos for higher lead conversion and sales. However, making jewelry photos look stunning and alluring is not an easy task. You need to work with a specialized jewelry editor and jewelry retouching company to get the right look. 

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Get an Experienced Photographer

This is a no-brainer, to be honest! If you want high end, clear and outstanding product photos, then you need to work with a professional photographer who has experience in taking jewelry product photos for e-commerce. This is highly important as your photographer should know which angles, camera settings, and lighting will make your jewelry pieces look their best in the photos. Moreover, the photographer should also know which in positions your jewelry should be captured in. The jewelry items should not only be in full focus but the images also need to highlight the details of the jewelry. Working with an expert professional photographer will enable you to get high-end outstanding images that capture the inherent beauty of your jewelry. However, that does not mean your images will look attractive in the raw images. A professional photographer will only help you capture quality photographs. You will also need effective image retouching.

Team Up with an Image Retouching Company

This is the next essential stage for getting flawless product images for your jewelry line. If you want perfect and attractive jewelry images to boost your e-commerce sales, then partnering with a professional jewelry editor and jewelry retouching company will certainly help you achieve that goal. Irrespective of how great your photographer is and how high resolution your images are, they are bound to have some defects and blemishes like a poor background, lighting, missing stones, dust and scratches etc. This is why you need jewelry image retouching. Image editing and retouching can add life to your images by not only removing all flaws but also by adding some necessary natural looking digital effects. Although you can hire an in-house editor, due to a huge load of repetitive work and the need for expertise, it is always wiser and more cost-effective to hire a professional retouching service with extensive experience in editing jewelry images for eCommerce.

Still wondering why you need to hire a retouching company? 

Let us take a look at how an image retouching company can help you get better images and higher sales.

Image background

Do you know the image background is as important as your product when creating an impression on prospective buyers? Having a busy or inappropriate background can not only make your images distracting but it can make your jewelry look superb when compared to your rivals. This is how important the right background is. 

Having a bright and clean background can direct the viewers’ attention right at the heart of the image…your jewelry. However, while taking photographs we might not have the most appropriate background and some flaws may come up in the raw images. Retouching can help you get rid of all that and digitally create the right background for your image. 

At GemEye Retouch, we use the clipping path technique to ensure your jewelry is seamlessly placed on the right background.

With over 30 years of experience in jewelry, we have observed that over 80 percent of jewelry brands prefer using a clear solid white background in the product images for eCommerce. It was also seen that only 10 percent of brands opt for a light grey background by removing the existing background whereas another 10 percent prefer keeping the original background. 

Moreover, most online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon prefer solid white backgrounds for all their listed products. So unless you have the perfect background setting while taking product photos, digitally removing background is the best option to make your product sell online.

Marketplace guidelines

As I mentioned earlier, most of the online marketplaces have their own specifications and guidelines when it comes to product images. When selling your jewelry online, the first impression creates the most impact and professionally retouched images are the smartest way to assure that your buyer hits the ‘Buy’ button. When paired with informative product descriptions, flawless jewelry images can actually drive up online sales for your brand. 

However, you also need to get your images edited following certain guidelines for each specific marketplace. These guidelines help to make sure that your products are visible to buyers and are listed on top when shoppers search for your product type. In fact, studies have found that there is a direct relation between conversion rate, shopping experience, and high-end jewelry images. 

Our specialists are well-versed with the marketplace guidelines and know exactly how to get your images ready for each specific eCommerce portal. So let us know what you need and let GemEye Retouch fulfill your wishes.

Cutting-Edge retouching techniques

If you think about it, image retouching can be easy. All you need to do is learn Adobe Photoshop and edit your images. But when you are a premium jewelry brand, you need to make sure each and every product photo look their absolute best so that your brand is always represented the way it deserves. GemEye Retouch follows the state of the art image editing and retouching techniques and methods to give your images that unique look which not only brings out the natural beauty of your jewelry but also makes your brand stand out. 

With the latest editing software at our disposal, we make sure to remove even the tiniest speck with meticulously editing your images. If you want to make your jewelry images more attractive, then hiring the services of a jewelry editor and jewelry retouching company is a must.

Correction & enhancement

Color correction and metal enhancement are the secrets which make your jewelry images look naturally dazzling. By adjusting the vibrancy, brightness, and contrast, you can easily catch any shoppers’ eyes and make them check out your piece. 

Although you photographer will try their best to catch the real colors and sparkles of the jewelry, the camera lens is not the human eye. However, an experienced jewelry editor and jewelry retouching company can easily bring out the natural colors; make your metals shinier and your gems more sparkling using the right editing tools. 

Our retouchers know exactly how to color correct your images so that it doesn’t look too dull or too unnaturally colorful.

Resize the product photos

When you are publishing product images on eCommerce, your images must be of certain size and dimensions to make sure they pop up on the internet whenever any shopper searches for it. The right image size is very crucial. Your image should neither be too small or too big. Most of the eCommerce portals and marketplaces follow their own specifications when it comes to image size. 

For instance, on Amazon the standard image size is 1000X1000 pixels minimum. Image retouching can help you easily resize your images to different specifications making them fit for different online stores and marketplaces. With GemEye Retouch you get perfectly edited images with your jewelry being in the center of the photo.

Add some depth

Do you want your jewelry to look flat in the photos or do you want to show their actual size, shape and dimensions with natural depth? Image retouching helps you achieve this look with mannequin removal and adding natural shadows. 

Taking photos with mannequins helps you capture the right shape of your jewelry, especially for necklaces. However, the mannequin might look distracting and take away your viewers’ attention. With retouching, we not only remove the mannequin to bring back the focus on your piece, but we also add natural 3D shadows to add more depth to the product. 

With a wide range of shadow effects like drop shadow, natural shadow and reflection shadow we make your images stand out and make them appear striking on the solid white background.

Now that you know what you need for that perfect jewelry product image for eCommerce, it’s time for you to team up with GemEye Retouch and let us work our magic on your images at the most competitive prices. To check out how awesome we are, simply request a free trial and experience GemEye Retouch in its full glory.

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