How to Optimize Images for Jewelry e-Commerce Relevant Traffic

How to Optimize Images for Jewelry e-Commerce Relevant Traffic

“The purpose of driving traffic to your online business is to get customers. Once a prospect lands on your site, you still have to convert that prospect into a buyer.” – Marc Ostrofsky

Big digital marketers and SEO analysts have agreed on one common thing: Search traffic is important. However, one thing that we all tend to forget is that Google search engine makes up a whopping 64.8 percent of searches on major websites including Amazon whereas images take the rest of the share of 21.8 percent.

Thus, in this blog, we will talk about how to optimize images for jewelry e-Commerce, if you are planning on getting a share of internet traffic for online jewelry sales. However, first we will discuss the point where the most important question relevant to this blog arises:

Why are Images important for the search engine?

SEO is blog-industry based, so naturally, it focuses on text-based jewelry marketing but Images are equally important because researches have proved that people are most drawn towards the media-based presentation of almost anything, like images, videos, etc.

Secondly, e-Commerce got to have images because when people are buying something online, they would focus much on how their product looks. Last but not least, the jewelry industry is mainly based on images, because of one factor and that is: jewelry that looks better online, sells better online.

Now that we have figured out the importance of images in jewelry e-Commerce, we will look onto the part where we can actually optimize images for search engines to index it better and get relevant traffic out of it.

#1 Text Inclusions in Product Images

As far as SEO is concerned, Google can understand texts and hence indexes it better whereas it takes a lot of resources to read images. In such a scenario, including texts in product images to optimize images for jewelry e-Commerce is often a good idea because it will not only inform people but also draw them to your website.

You can add pricing information to a specific jewelry collection of yours; you can include special deals, unique propositions along with your product images to make it informative and promotional at the same time.

It catches the prospects’ attention much easily and brings relevant organic traffic for online jewelry sales.

#2 Earning Links

Content producers need to source their images for stating their authentication. These images can prove to be very fruitful for generating leads.

Such as producing images for presenting statistics and images that represent the steps of a particular tutorial; similarly, graphs and pie charts play a vital role. When using such imagery, you need to be very attentive that you use exact keywords; because they need to communicate with the user intent and it should be relevant to what a content producer is looking for.

Images have to be refined in order to be presented in such a way that it captures the interest of the prospect, which is especially applicable to the online jewelry industry. Therefore, jewelry photo retouching is the one thing which this industry constantly needs.

GemEye is one such jewelry-centric e-commerce service provider which understands your photo retouching needs and produces high-end pictures with a captivating defined edge just for you.

So, don’t wait anymore and start giving your images the attention that they need!

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