How to Start Your Own Jewelry Brand From Nothing

How to Start Your Own Jewelry Brand From Nothing

Want to build a jewelry brand from scratch? Well, it will be
surely one of the most challenging things you will ever do. You need to focus
various aspect of brand building like how your brand must look like, how it
will connect to your target audience and how it should make them feel. The
moment you start wondering about what message your jewelry conveys and who you
are trying to sell it to, these are the first questions you will think about.

Whether you want to give your existing jewelry brand a boost or you
simply have an idea for a new online jewelry business, here we are going to
talk about the most important things that you need to know to build a strong
jewelry brand.

What Do You Mean By Jewelry “Brand”?

Do you think a brand means having a fun familiar name & logo
which makes you stand out in the market? The truth is your brand will determine
how your buyers perceive your jewelry when they interact with you. We all have
a brand even as a human being. Think about it. We have name, a personality, an
identity, and the various impressions we leave on others and what they think of
us in our absence. This is the same with a business. Your business has a name,
your unique jewelry items, logos, themes and a reputation that make up your
brand and what people perceive about you.

The secret to successfully building a brand is to be consistent as
you expand your jewelry business. However, it begins with deciding what
consistency means for you and the feeling you want to induce.

How To Build Your Jewelry Brand

If you wish to build a reputable and strong jewelry brand then
make sure you start by following these 6 steps:

Know Your Audience

Describe Your Brand Personality

Select A Brand Name

Pick Your Theme, Colors & Fonts

Design A Brand Logo

Evolve & Adapt

#1 Know Your Audience &

Start by finding out where you stand in the market before you take
any decisions regarding your jewelry brand. Understand the present jewelry
market, know everything about the global jewelry industry, gather details about
your rivals, know your target audience better and learn about your place in the
jewelry market.

How can you do this?

Simply Google your jewelry category
and evaluate all the indirect and direct competitors that are listed on the

Go to Reddit and check out related
subreddits about your target audience. Go through the threads, read the
conversations and recommendations.

Speak with your network in the
jewelry industry or industry influencers and find out which brands they prefer.

Browse through relevant social media
networks or pages followed by your target audience.

Shop offline and online to
experience how your buyers would browse and purchase products.

While conducting your market research, make sure to identify the

Which segment of customers are the
easiest to sell your jewelry to?

Which brands are your biggest
competitors or the most prominent brands?

What are the interests and
preferences for your customers?

What language does your target
audience express their wants in?

It is best to conduct your market research first before moving
forward as all this information will empower you to take calculated decisions
in building a truly unique brand.

#2 Describe Your Brand Personality

You have to understand that as a jewelry brand you cannot be
everything to each and every customer, especially when you are starting out.
Hence, it is essential that you define the focus of your brand.

Here are some things that you need to be considering while
defining your brand’s tone and focus –

What is your positioning statement?

A positioning statement is usually a two line statement that helps
you claim your place in the market. It is not necessary that you put this up on
the home page of your website or even your business card. This will only help
you to know where your brand stands. Establish your USP (unique selling
proposition) and make sure it becomes a part of your jewelry brand’s message.

Find words that describe your brand

Think of your jewelry brand like it’s a human being. What traits
do you want in that person? Now think about what should be the personality of
your brand so that your target audience finds it attractive. Once you know the
personality then it will shape your voice and tone on social media and your
creative collaterals, both written & visual. A good way to get started is
to decide on 4-5 adjectives that will describe your brand best to your

#3 Select A Brand Name

If you think that the name of your business is of little
importance as long as you offer high end fine jewelry, then it’s time for you
to go back to the drawing board. As I said above, a lot of factors like
reputation, personality, traits and action create your brand. That being said,
you should probably start by deciding the name of your company. Your business
name will decide everything that follows like your logo, domain, themes,
trademark, marketing, themes etc.

Preferably, you want to give your business a name which is not
easy to replicate and difficult to confuse with your rivals. You should also
remember to keep the brand name as broad as possible in case you want to expand
your product lines in future from fine jewelry to luxury watches, loose diamonds
etc. So make sure your company name is strictly not based on jewelry that you
currently deal with. As the domain or your website URL will depend on your
brand name, make sure to do some research and find out what domains are
available currently before you finalize a name.

#4 Pick Your Theme, Colors &

Okay! So now that you have a brand name in mind, it’s time you
think about a theme to visually exemplify your jewelry brand. Your theme will
help your customers to decide what they feel about your brand. The theme should
effectively represent your brand’s personality and what you stand for. The
colors & typography used in portraying your brand play a crucial role,
especially when you build your own website and online jewelry store.

Choose the right colors

Why are colors so important for your brand? The right color or
combination of colors not only help to define brand’s look but also invokes the
right emotions in your customers and communicates your messages consistently.
By selecting soothing yet unique colors you will be able to differentiate your
jewelry brand from your competitors and prominently stand out in the market.

Do a little online research on color psychology before deciding
any theme or color scheme for your brand. This will help you take informed
decisions when choosing the perfect colors for your logo and brand.

Choose the right fonts

As important as colors are, fonts are equally important for your
brand. Look for elegant yet distinctive fonts that convey your brand’s message
the way you intended on your website, online store & marketing
communications. It is wise to choose a maximum of two different fonts to
maintain consistency and to avoid making your visitors confused.

#5 Design A Brand Logo

Although it is pretty far down in the list, a logo is one of the
first things that you need to consider while building a jewelry brand. Why? The
logo is basically the face of your brand and it will be present everywhere you
want to exhibit or take your brand to. Obviously you want a unique brand logo
that is not clichéd or derived from any existing brand neither is easy to
imitate. That being said, your logo should also be identifiable, relatable and

Think about all the places you want to promote your brand and
that’s exactly where your logo will exist, from your website & billboards
to social media platforms. While figuring out what your logo will be, consider
the themes, colors and fonts you have chosen to convey your brand’s message.

#6 Evolve & Adapt

The process of building a successful jewelry brand does not end
with creating your logo. It is a continuous and consistent process that keeps
your brand relevant and valued amongst buyers. Your brand will only evolve as
your business expands, interacts with your customers, develop marketing
strategies and many more.

As your brand is exposed to new markets and reaches more buyers,
you will learn more about your target audience and how you can represent your
jewelry brand better. So keep in mind all the points I have shared here, put in
your best effort and get started.

Good luck!