Background Removal Services: A Necessary Editing Technique

Background Removal Services: A Necessary Editing Technique

If you look at the increase in the number of online shoppers everywhere, it’s no surprise why e-commerce stores are driving consumer buying power. You can get almost everything online nowadays. Starting from jewelry to hardware.

And, if you pay close enough attention then you will also see a pattern in how all product images are posted for sale there and most jewelry items. You will see jewelry items are always advertised on a white background.

There is a specific reason why. White is the only color that highlights every other color. It is also the best color that helps showcase gemstones and shiny pearls and metals. And most importantly, consumers get to inspect the jewelry item with next to no eye stress, because of the color white.

But, how do you make sure you get the right white balance in the background?

Even the best of jewelry photographers find it hard to get the proper sparkling white background for their product images. One of the main reasons why is because of the lighting. It is almost next to impossible to get that studio quality for jewelry product images.

Many photographers try with proper props and lighting and whatnot. Yet, the cameras catch every little spot and blemish.

Why does your jewelry business need jewelry background removal services?

One of the main reasons why jewelry businesses decide to crop their jewelry item on to sparkling white backgrounds is to enlist themselves with e-commerce sites. That is one of the primary reasons.

Sometimes, jewelry background removal services are sought after by jewelry retailers when they want to showcase bulk images on multiple backgrounds. This service also extends to websites of jewelry retailers. Sometimes the jewelry product image just does not showcase your jewelry on your website and does not suit the high-end quality look of your site. 

These are all reasons why jewelry retailer heavily depends on jewelry background removal services to meet their sales target.

Imagine being an online shopper and being turned off by poor quality jewelry images. Chances are you will remember the brand with poor quality images and make sure you do not return to their site. 

Jewelry background removal is a high-end clipping path service in image editing for commercial use. It not just dramatically improves the quality of your jewelry image but also showcases your jewelry design to its fullest. In turn, helping customers attach a brand connection to your products. 

When it comes to the finest things like jewelry, you as a retailer would want to showcase your item completely and showcase them exactly how you would want it. Because most of the time, the gemstones, and the proper metal shine gets lost in translation with unwanted objects in the background.

To make sure that your products look exactly accurate and well designed in your jewelry images up for sale, getting jewelry background removal services are almost unavoidable. Your target shoppers will not proceed to the checkout tab if they don’t connect to your product images and that is a marketing rule almost in all industries.

Having a clear and white background is even more vital now that with the upsurge of online shoppers who do not get to inspect the product themselves on hand before buying. With the growth of the market more and more people are also very conscious about their online jewelry purchases, demanding nothing but the best.

And, your jewelry image is the only thing that lets your shoppers decide on whether they want to buy your product. So, making sure that your jewelry image is of studio quality is no longer an option for online jewelry retailers.

Because image having nonconsistent jewelry images on an e-commerce website with backgrounds that differ from each other, and with unwanted props behind. It’s not just distracting for your shopper but it will not make your jewelry stand out to sell itself.

Getting professional image editing done for your jewelry images is an industry practice that has become almost a sales weapon for jewelry retailers online. Opting for background removal services and other image editing services to upgrade your jewelry images to meet the high-end studio quality is necessary for an industry that is visually driven. 

GemEye Retouch delivering high-end background removal services-

At GemEye Retouch we have understood this exact requirement and have put together an end-to-end imagery module that retouches and removes the background for your precious jewelry item. Our editing experts have mastered the techniques in the jewelry industry to understand your requirements.

To us, the size of your business does not matter. What matters to us, is the integrity we deliver your images to you, to help you make up for all those lost sales. After all, 70% of online shoppers are turned off by poor quality product images.

So, if you have a bulk or individual order that needs to be retouched with background removal services, just connect with us. You can open your free account with us and send us your order right away.

Our pricing policies are all made up to make sure our clients are not paying extra. But, we believe in delivering a one-stop solution to all your image editing needs. With one of the best editors in the business, GemEye Retouch is set to break the fourth wall.

So, now you can forget about those messy, spotty backgrounds on your jewelry images. Because those are all about to go away and your jewelry item will be touched up to make sure it showcases nothing but the finest of its quality and gemstones. 

A proper background also makes sure your shopper has their attention exactly where it should be; on your jewelry item.

Background removal services not just make sure you don’t miss out of a shopper but it helps you create a brand identity with your enterprise and your shoppers.