Why Clipping Path Is Crucial For Your Jewelry Images

Why Clipping Path Is Crucial For Your Jewelry Images

Tired of having dull backgrounds in your jewelry photos? Want perfect pictures for your online store? Well, today we are going to tell you how easily you can transform your unattractive jewelry photos to studio quality ecommerce friendly images. How? It’s easy! With the magic of clipping path and professional retouching services you can create alluring product images that your viewers will fall in love with.

I am sure you already know pictures speak louder than words when it comes to ecommerce. The right picture can help you make the deal by conveying your message to your viewers in the most aesthetic way. Only the most effectively retouched images will have the power to convince and turn casual viewers to returning buyers.

This is why today clipping path has become the industry norm when it comes to retouching product images. Why? Clipping path allows you to cut out your jewelry item meticulously without losing any details. This allows you to change any dull background in the raw photos and replace it with whatever you think is appropriate for your piece and your online store. Moreover, with high quality retouching you can make the image even more alluring to buyers. However, as clipping path is a painstaking task it requires expert and professional editors to get it right. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose the right jewelry clipping path expert for all your clipping path and retouching needs.

What is Clipping Path

In layman’s terms, clipping path refers to meticulously cutting out a specific section of an image. By cutting out a vector shape you can easily remove or change the current background of the image while still keeping the selected part of the image. In jewelry photos, clipping path allows you to cut out your piece in full details separating it from unwanted or excess sections. Once the clipping path process is complete, you can seamlessly put the clipped area on any background that’s right for your online store.

Why You Need Clipping Path

If you are still wondering why the clipping path application is so important for your jewelry images, then the answer is simple. Clipping path & image retouching makes your images appear flawless and attractive. Do you want your potential buyers to look at unprofessional looking product images on your website? Definitely not!

This is where clipping path comes in. It not only allows you to clip out your jewelry pieces without losing any details, but also enables you to remove and replace the background. When you work with a jewelry clipping path expert in the United States, you can have your target items cut out and placed on any background according to your instructions. This helps you to make your jewelry pop out in the images by controlling the background and make it separate from any elements that might distract your viewers’ attention.

GemEye Retouch, Your Perfect Clipping Path Partner

First off, at GemEye, we understand the value of your time and money. This is why we always make sure that you get value for money retouching services all the time. Our clipping path and retouching services have been developed keeping in mind the needs and budgets of our clients. This is what makes us unique and your perfect retouching partner. Being in the jewelry industry for over 3 decades, we know what it takes to make your product images influence your buyers’ purchase decisions. With GemEye Retouch you not only get the most competitive rates but high end clipping path and retouching services that will make your online buyers keep coming back to you again and again.

Why Choose GemEye Retouch : 

·Quality and client satisfaction are our top priorities

·With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand your needs

·Our team of qualified editors is specifically trained for jewelry industry

·We are a New York based firm which understands the importance of budget

·We take pride in our on-time delivery services irrespective of order size

·We revise and rework on your images until you are happy

·Your image and data are always secure and safe with us

So now that you know why GemEye Retouch is the right clipping path service provider for you, allow us to convert your ordinary product images into captivating photos that trigger sales. Why waste time thinking about it when you can use it to increase your sales. Request a demo with us for a free trial and experience the GemEye magic yourself!