Digital Marketing & Jewelry Ecommerce: How It Can Help You Succeed

Digital Marketing & Jewelry Ecommerce: How It Can Help You Succeed

Fine jewelry & accessories are usually purchased directly from jewelry brands. Most buyers prefer to connect with their favorite brands as jewelry purchase is based on emotions, trust, value and fashion. Your customers feel a strong need for trust as jewelry shopping is an investment and they want to build relationships with brands that offer only the most genuine and trendiest pieces.

When your customers buy accessories like luxury watches, it becomes a crucial part of their persona. So the brand and quality of the product is important for their social status. However, when we are talking about jewelry ecommerce, it can be challenging to transfer this trust to the online format. But it can be done through effective jewelry digital marketing.

How? Let us take a look….

Offer More Choice

Buyers simply cannot go through your entire collection and designs in a single visit to your eCommerce portal. When you have an online store, your buyers can choose to visit you anytime they want. Moreover, they can check new features and products whenever they have time by simply visiting your website. Hence, they have the option to go through more choices and finding exactly what they like.

Keep Buyers Informed 

Make sure your customers know all about your latest collections and promotional offers. Let’s face it, buyers do not have the time visit a jewelry store every single day. However, they can easily log in to your eCommerce store each day. So you can keep your buyers updated and informed regularly about the latest designs. Make sure the latest updates are clearly displayed on the home page so that your visitors can see what’s new & trending without navigating much.

Customize Campaigns 

Different demographic categories tend to have different preferences for jewelry designs. So it is very important that you figure out how to appeal to target audiences across all demographics and meet their needs. You can present various designs, collections and campaigns to your audiences through effective jewelry digital marketing that is based on their demographic. As a jeweler, you need to realize that a young man looking to propose to his girlfriend will have different needs than a married man planning to celebrate his parent’s anniversary. Moreover, you should also understand that purchasing power of your buyers will vary depending on their education, employment status and age. With the help of GemEye Marketing you can easily position your brand and your online store appropriately to please buyers from all demographic categories.

Identify The Best Sellers

If you want to know which of your designs are the most popular ones and sell the most, then digital marketing can help you. With a smart jewelry digital marketing strategy you can identify the best sellers depending on customer behavior. Hence, you can consider various factors like purchase data, latest designs, items added to cart and wish list and other positive actions to determine your most popular jewelry. Observing customer behavior can result in valuable insights based on which you can decide which designs are in demand.

Offer Tools For Design Search

You should allow your customers to utilize smart tools on your website for searching specific designs. Advanced digital features will enable your buyers to search designs using finer considerations like the design type or the amount of gold. Buyers can they easily focus only on their preferred design type of by navigating through the cutting-edge search features. They can they finalize designs they like and add certain designs to their wish list before making the actual purchase. You can offer a number of parameters for search like cost, themes, design type, size preferences, seasons, amount & color of gold, number of diamonds, brands and others.

Let Buyers Design Their Own Jewelry

You can also choose to offer certain digital features on your eCommerce portal that empowers your buyers to design their own custom-made jewelry by adding their preferred metal type, diamond cut, choice of stones, setting, purity & clarity levels. The thrill of designing your own jewelry will make sure they come back to your website repeatedly. This way you can boost conversion rates as buyers will feel personally attached to the pieces they design.

Save Costs By Combining Designs & Avoiding Inventory

Ecommerce allows you to display numerous designs without actually needing to hold the inventory. You can avoid stocking items in your store with digital technology. Whenever a buyer places an order, you can convert the design from concept to an actual piece to sell and ship to the buyer. This way you will only manufacture pieces for which order has been already placed.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value 

As fine jewelry is usually rather expensive, a large chunk of your customer base may not tend to go jewelry shopping frequently or shop only during certain special events. Across the US, diamond jewelry sales are primarily driven by engagement rings. This kind of purchase shows that such type of buyers may not shop again soon. Jewelry digital marketing can help you get more orders with a higher cost of acquisition especially via your online jewelry store.

You can achieve this with a successful amalgamation of promotional, social and email marketing. It is imperative that you focus on keeping your buyers active and interested in browsing through your latest collections. When your ecommerce portal is mobile-friendly it will further help to make sure that your visitors can access your online store through any device and pick their favorite from your collection. Moreover, you also need to segment your buyers based on the correct parameters like price, gender, demographics, size of purchase & context.

The product dynamics also vary depending on the type and style of jewelry like rings, wedding rings, necklace, earrings, bangle, nose stud or other accessories like luxury watches or even gold coins. There is no doubt that today running an online jewelry store is the smartest move for a jeweler with easy payment options, increased use of debit and credit cards etc.