3 Major Challenges of Jewelry Inventory Management and Solution

3 Major Challenges of Jewelry Inventory Management and Solution

The first challenge that people face while expanding jewelry business online, is to adapt to the technology that drives the online business. The main challenge comes when you need advanced yet user friendly jewelry inventory management software for that. 

Jewelry ecommerce becomes much more confusing because there is plenty of software to handle, like warehouse management software, inventory management software, accounting software and what not. 

Not just this, you also need to comprehend, have a record and assimilate all the data available to you and also look out for changing online jewelry trends and competitions. Sometimes you never even have a clue as to what challenges may come in the future

Therefore, here are some major jewelry inventory management challenges with their solutions:

#1 Shipping

Shipping jewelry is one of the main challenges, as it is very precious and delicate thing to handle. Extra care and security is needed while you are shipping jewelry. Moreover, a single fraud while transit can obstruct your online jewelry business on a large scale. Therefore, it is mandatory that you have proper agreement with the logistics company for risk reduction and security over frauds.

#2 Inventory management across the channels

Say suppose, when you started your online jewelry you had only 2 eCommerce channels to manage inventory. That was quite possible. However, now that you have expanded your online jewelry business, you have 5 ecommerce channels for inventory management. 

It becomes really tough to manage inventory of all the 5 channels. What you can do is either create catalogues for all the 5 ecommerce channels or manage SKU for similar set for all the channels or there will be lots of unsold inventories which will ultimately make you no profit for your online jewelry business.

In this scenario, centralized jewelry inventory management is the best thing that can happen to you. 

#3 Handling Frauds

Jewelry business is filled with risks of forgery. While you experience return of your jewelry product, it is possible that the original piece of gold or diamond jewelry is replaced with a fake one. It is very difficult to segregate which will be a fraud case in returns and which will not. 

At this very situation, what you exactly need is an expert team who can provide instant services to real customers and will be efficient in addressing the frauds. But it is really very expensive because you will need manpower for this.

After going through all this, you must have dreamt of such an inventory management software which would solve all these problems. Then you are at the right place. GemEye provides you the ultimate jewelry inventory management solutions like no other platform can. Now you can expand your jewelry business with multifarious digital channels worldwide. 

GemEye’s inventory management unit is a master location that allows you to pull all your data from various sources like your own ERP, third party software and even manual entry of items and assimilate it in a centralized location.

GemEye makes jewelry ecommerce, easy commerce for you!