Jewelry Photo Retouch

Jewelry Photo Retouch, and Why You Need It For E-commerce

speak a billion words.

the extensively connected gadget dependant world of today, photographs have
become one of the most important communication tools for businesses. With the
ever increasing prevalence of online stores and people preferring to shop
online, gone are the days where product descriptions were long detailed
descriptions. These are rapidly being replaced by images, where all the
important aspects of the product are instantly visible to the potential
customer. Thus, the better the image, the more are the chances of your product
being selected.

a professional photographer is thus very important. It is also important to
avail the services of professional image retouching. The art of photography is
hugely magnified by image retouching, which can create beautiful vibrant images
reminiscent of perfection. And in the jewelry business, perfection is

would you need image retouching services for jewelry?

convey more than just pictures of things. They convey emotions. They can create
a story of a jewelry piece out of a single picture. Consider an engagement
ring, a single photograph of which is intricately related to the emotions of a

photography is an art, image retouching is the magic that transforms a plain
picture to a whole different ethereal level altogether. So that simple
engagement ring picture becomes something to be desired for whoever sees it.

image retouching services involve technical aspects like colour adjustment and
balance, improving contrast, and much more. After taking a good picture, photo
retouching makes it better, bringing out the jewelry piece that customers have
in their minds, thereby guiding them in that direction.

article concisely puts forward a few reasons why photo retouching services are
a must have if you run a jewelry business online.

  • Highlights the piece

jewelry piece is a work of art in itself. Therefore, they must be perfect,
without any blemishes, scratches, dust, or fingerprints. Since jewelry portrays
beauty and perfection, even a small imperfection is immediately visible, and
turns the potential customer away just as quickly. Photo retouching can easily
remove these tiny marks to bring out the piece in all its flawless glory.

  • Corrects the background

focus of a product photograph is its subject; in this case, the piece itself.
The background plays a massive role in directing focus on the subject. This is
all the more important for jewelry photography. A neutral monochromatic
background is thus preferred since it does not distract the viewer, as well as
makes the post production process much easier. However, if the photographs you
have of your pieces are not against such backgrounds, worry not. Image
retouching can come to your rescue here as well. From creating a neutral
background that makes your piece look clean and sophisticated, to contrasting
or requisitely dark backgrounds to contrast and beautify the piece even more,
image retouching can do all of it.

  • Ensures proper alignment

angles and placement can add an immense value to the product. A crooked or
distorted image is less attractive, and not at all so if the object is a
jewelry piece. Image retouching thus also involves correcting these issues.
Leveling and cropping ensures the picture appears clearer, well placed, and
agreeable to the eye. This greatly improves the picture, making a relatively
ordinary picture more professional, and the jewelry piece that much more

  • Creates the right lighting

is arguably the single most important thing about a photograph. Improper
lighting can destroy the most beautiful of images, while the correct lighting
can add an entire different dimension to an otherwise drab picture. This is all
the more important for jewelry, since they also involve the element of sparkle
and shine. Be it gold or be it diamond, good jewelry must sparkle, or they risk
appearing dull and uninspiring. Photographers usually keep this in mind during
the actual photographing. However, if they don’t, or other lighting angles
appear more appealing, image retouching can mend this by manipulating the light
during post production. This lets your pieces shine and sparkle with all their
glory, and look more attractive.

Good jewelry must be flawless, and pictures of
those must be even more so if you are marketing them online. They say “the
first impression is the last impression”. Create a great first impression on
the customers of your pieces and your brand with the help of good jewelry photo
retouching services, and ensure this impression turns into an everlasting one.