Jewelry Photo Retouching | Putting Online Jewelers On The Map

Jewelry Photo Retouching | Putting Online Jewelers On The Map

In a world where online shoppers have increased and many online stores have flourished, shoppers are these days are far more stimulated by visuals of product images than having to actually inspect them on hand.

One of the main reasons for that is, that online shoppers really don’t get to self-inspect the product before purchasing, so relying on the images provided by the jewelry seller and descriptions is pretty much all a shopper has, in terms of deciding to the buy the item or not.

Now, the question does arise, how we actually gain the sales margins with raw jewelry photos. The answer to that is; it is pretty much impossible to sell items with raw jewelry photos. But, what is an industry standard of practice is to make sure that your raw jewelry images meet the e-commerce and buyer demands of interest; resorting to jewelry photo retouching is a necessary tool.

Raw jewelry images more than often will be in its most primitive form with metal color distorted, gemstones not being highlighted properly and unwanted elements in the background. These are all blemishes that jewelry photo retouching can remove and make sure your jewelry item image meets a studio-quality effect. 

Services you get with Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry photo retouching is a post-production necessary process for jewelers who sell on e-commerce websites or even their own sites.

There are many set techniques applied in photo retouching, and the crucial ones are listed below:

· Brightness/Contrast Adjustment

· Dust and Scratch Removal

· Blemish Removal from Metals

· Reflection Removal from Gems

· Level Adjustment for Depth Enhancement

· Adding Natural Shadows

· Color Correction & Enhancement

· Metal Replacement & Repair

· Gemstone Restoration

· Focus Stacking with Multiple Images

· Background removal and Cleaning

· Clipping Path Services

Those are the minimum levels of jewelry photo retouching effects applied to raw images to make sure that the consumer can connect to your brand.

Now imagine you have everything set up. You have your distribution lines already, you have your marketing working harder than before, you also have exhausted all your branding options, and still, somehow your jewelry items are just not getting sold on the website.

There might be a chance that 70% of the buyers are being turned off with poor quality images. And, yes there so much that you as a jeweler can do to change that. 

How is jewelry photo retouching helping online jewelers?

If you are an online retailer then by now it’s no secret that having the right images for your products with clear and concise descriptions are most favored by online shoppers. As I have covered the reason why earlier in this article, I won’t spend much time there anymore.

But, what is very vital to understand this industry dynamics is that jewelry is an item that has a lot of emotional value to it. People want nothing but the best from jewelry products and that applies to the very first time they even land on your page.

Your target shoppers need to see nothing but the finest of your collection, starting from the very first visual stimulation. One of the crucial reasons behind image retouching in the post-production process for online jewelry retailers is to make sure their brand communication delivers quality right from the very first step. 

Online shoppers don’t just make judgments based on your image; they also form expectations out of it. So, making sure your jewelry item is free of blemishes, spotless in the metal area, well-adjusted white background and mostly the gemstones are well shined is just something you will have to do, to make sure you are meeting your sales targets.

The consistency of quality jewelry product images tell your customer that you are serious about what you do and most important it tells them that you will deliver authentic quality too. Therefore, your jewelry images are the main aspect that will keep the mind and heart of your buyers in the same place when going through your online collections.

GemEye Retouch- Shaping Image Editing for Jewelers Everywhere

We at GemEye Retouch have been part of a long industry experience in jewelry, and we have decided to take the matter of jewelry photo retouching service in our own hands. This is the main imagery module that we have built to make sure we can streamline quality services to clients looking for end-to-end image retouching services. It doesn’t matter where you are at, what a matter to us is if we can help your business grow. 

Our pricing packages are not just built to meet everybody’s requirement but we have made it super easy jewelers to avail our services, just by a simple click of a button. One of the main reasons we decided to solve this image retouching issues is because, in a growing industry like online jewelry, image retouching is not just an option anymore, but an industry-specific necessity.

We offer every sort of image editing, mentioned as above and we offer those with a prompt and accurate turnout time to make sure that your business doesn’t lose a day’s revenue. Our catered customer care representatives are not just industry experts but also make sure your every order is handled with acute personal attention.

And, no our prices are not going to burn a hole in your pocket. But, our efforts are going to make your online retail store sell more jewelry than ever before just by the brand connected product images. And, that is a GemEye Retouch promise