Jewelry Product Retouching Redefined at GemEye Retouch

Jewelry Product Retouching Redefined at GemEye Retouch

What is the first thing you would look at when you go to purchase a jewelry product online? You are right; the jewelry product image. Your target shoppers are no different of a shopper than you are. A product image goes a long way for your shoppers. It lets them inspect the item before they buy them and mostly it lets your shoppers attach a brand loyalty to your products. 

With the growing number of online stores and websites, bringing in more and more shoppers in the jewelry industry, jewelry images of products listed have become the Holy Grail for sales margins to be met.

This is where GemEye Retouch has managed to roll out the state of the art imagery module that meets all the finest retouching requirements by leading jewelry brands around the world. One of the vital features of such an end-to-end and cost-effective jewelry product retouching is that bulk orders are no longer an issue.

How do we deliver the seamless service for jewelry product retouching?

We firmly believe that our clients are just not money-making machines, but dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to grow. We are a brainchild formed out of pure jewelers who has worked with designers, manufacturers, big brands and also e-commerce stores. We have gained the industry experience to finally take the retouching aspect in our own hands.

Our tightly knitted team of experts are working to innovate the imagery retouching technique to not just pump t6he imagery quality of your jewelry products but to also make sure your shoppers keep coming back to your store.

We take deadlines very seriously and that is also why we make sure your orders are delivered within the ordered time. Our business practices are derived from industry specialists themselves.

Our jewelry retouching services that set us apart

We use the most updated editing techniques and more importantly, our 360 degrees IT solutions for jewelers has set us apart in the field of jewelry retouching. Our services range from background removal to gemstone adjustments and replacement, metal shine, clearing of spots and blemishes, reflection adjustments, color correction etc.

All of these services come with very cost effective pricing plans to make sure no jeweler feels left out. To us, the size of your business only matters, when we can contribute to the growth of it. And, that is exactly our goal. We want to grow with our team and our clients to make sure the benchmark is raised in how companies deliver jewelry product retouching services.

In the end, jewelry is an expensive product line and having well touched and studio quality images are an industry norm to make sure that you are targeting your shoppers rightly. Because, as per studies conducted, 70% of online shoppers are turned off by poor quality images.

Having a proper product image not just helps you build your brand but also, is your sales weapon in a high intensity driven industry like the jewelry retail industry.