Most Effective Business Promotion Ideas For Online Jewelers

Most Effective Business Promotion Ideas For Online Jewelers

Wondering what more you can do to give your business that added push? If you are reading this and thinking about jewelry promotion, then as an online jewelry business owner you are on the right track. Being an online entrepreneur you should always be focused on promoting your business to boost your revenues. 

So to help you out, today we are going to share some successful and effective jewelry promotion campaign ideas that will drive your business forward. You can modify these campaign ideas according to your business and promotional needs to make them more efficient. Let’s take a look….

Merchandise-Specific Campaigns

You can think about offer special designs and collections for special events to attract new and unique buyers. For instance, you can offer specialized merchandise based on different occasions like heart-shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day, mini Fabergé egg charms and pendants for Easter, snowflake and other specific themed jewelry during Christmas.

Support In-House Talent

If you design your own unique jewelry and have talented designers in your team, then it can be a great idea to promote their specific talents and how it adds a personal touch to your collection. By promoting in-house talent you will be able to offer more custom-made pieces and build your brand reputation.

Offer Customized Mementos 

Give custom-made souvenirs or mementos with your logo etched on the pieces with every purchase to customers who make purchases above a certain amount. This will help your buyers to keep your brand in mind when they think about buying jewelry next time. Moreover, these mementos can also be used by your buyers to access unique discounts on future purchases.

Hold A Sale Before Christmas

Organize a one or two week sale to celebrate men’s day and women’s day respectively right before Christmas. You can call and ask your existing customers to visit your online store on their specific “day” and access special discounts and offers with their purchase. During the holidays, this kind of a jewelry promotion strategy can boost up your sales to unprecedented levels.

Offer Cash Back

Add the names of recent buyers for special holiday cash back in a weekly or monthly drawing. You can offer cash refund to one customer each week on their purchase. You can also offer an additional discount to your chosen buyer if they decide to use their refunds by shopping in your online store.

Gift Certificates

Offering gift certificates is an old classic for a good reason but that does not mean you can’t get creative and come up with new variations. You can offer $100 gift certificates with the “no strings attached” purchase of an item of a certain value. You may also choose to send online postcards containing $50 or $25 gift certificates. If you sent these postcards to your database then you will be able to make hefty revenue with a minor investment. It is also a good idea to send out $25 gift certificate with no minimum purchase to your top clients.

So there you have it. With the help of these jewelry promotion ideas you can effectively take your online jewelry business to the next level.

Have some more ideas? Then feel free to add to the discussion by commenting below.