Reasons Why Jewelry Retailers Should move to Mobile Jewelry Marketing

Reasons Why Jewelry Retailers Should move to Mobile Jewelry Marketing

Regardless of the high price, there has always been a standard demand for fine jewelry all over the world. According to a survey conducted in the year 2017, around 30.49 million people bought fine jewelry in the US market alone.

Moreover, with all these innovative apps emerging every day, searching for jewelry online, anywhere and anytime on mobile phones has really made it possible for jewelry businesses to get a constant and closer access to their customers and jewelry buying much easier for the buyers.

These are the following benefits that you are going to get if you optimize your jewelry digital marketing for mobile first experience:

#1 Increased rate of mobile usage

People are spending more time on mobile phones.


It is because it is portable and provides you internet access. Moreover, advertising trends are also responding to this progress very fast. It is estimated that by 2019, most of the marketing will be inclined towards mobile marketing. Hence optimizing your jewelry marketing strategies for mobile first experiences is necessary.

#2 Words spread faster on mobile

It is proven that operating functions on mobile is much easier than operating functions on desktop or laptop. Moreover, everyone has a mobile phone these days. You like a jewelry, you simply touch on the like button and you’re done, however this is not possible on desktops or laptops. 

Therefore, people often prefer functioning through their mobile phones. Enhancing your digital jewelry marketing for mobile phones and making your business website user-friendly will get you more traffic.

#3 The open rate of SMS

Messages on mobile phones have an open rate of 98%. It is also evident that there are 90% chances that people will open SMS and read it within 3 seconds. This possibility is much lower if you send notifications via email. So if you want proper brand promotion of your jewelry business, sending a simple notification SMS will help you in doing that.

#4 The selling apps

Consumer centric e commerce websites are becoming very popular day by day. People are using their mobile phones to purchase jewelries from these e commerce websites. Plus, it also helps jewelry businesses to market and sell their products to people. Therefore, it is important that you include the idea of mobile marketing in your jewelry marketing strategies.

#5 In-store purchases

People using mobile phones have the luxury of viewing, comparing and exploring other jewelry options while they are walking or spending free time. Jewelry marketers can take advantage of this. 

The only thing they need is mobile oriented marketing plans and mobile friendly websites that provides easy navigation and the anti F-shaped design that would help the viewer have a better look at it. Search engine optimization id also needed because they are currently altering their algorithms to give higher privileges mobile friendly sites.

A few words…

These factors are in fact very essential for marketing because of the fast pacing improvements in the digital world. Focusing on jewelry mobile marketing will help you stay ahead in the race.

Actively participate in mobile first experience marketing and write back to us about your own experience. Leave a comment and share the article if you find it useful!