Retouched Images Can Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate

Retouched Images Can Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate

Sometimes, a jewelry photographer has to face lower conversion rate due to the poor design of a photograph. The lower conversion rate is not at all good news for a photographer. It may cause a big loss and career-threatening for the photographers if the photographs get low conversion rate.

You may think that how a photo can get lower conversion rate? Well, if you post a photo online and people do not like the photo by not staying a long time in the photo or by not downloading, that definitely means that the conversion rate is going low and not user-friendly.

There might be some mistakes in the photo like lower resolution image, dull in color, boring design, improper background, improper size, imbalance of contrast and many other things. But these things can easily be solved by making designs out of the images which will help you to improve the conversion rate up to 110%. Clipping path services are one of the most recommended ways to do that. At GemEye we have put together a list of reasons that prove your jewelry product images can directly affect your sales conversion rate.

How Retouched Images Can Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate

Here are some design tips which will help photographers to improve 110% conversion:

Keep Up with Design trends

There are some certain types of design trends to use on photographs. You should choose design trends which are popular among the people in recent time. Search on Google and see the popular design trends for photographs. Add the designs on the photographs to make it look trendy and approachable to the clients and customers. The design trends can be texture, theme, text art, print etc. Suppose, it is a summer season and you are going to deliver a photo for a fashion brand and the photo is containing only contents. Since floral is the new trend for summer, you can add floral texture or print to the text image. That is how a design trend can be followed by getting a high rate of image conversion.

Colors go a long way

A poor color of an image is no way going to give a high conversion rate to a photographer. The more poor color is your photo having, the lower conversion rate your photo will be having. A faded photo cannot attract people or clients to like that. So, you have to add color to the photograph. You can add suitable color by yourself using image editing application or outsourcing from outside. A photo can be better if the hue and saturation are adjusted perfectly. Otherwise, the photo will fail to have 110% conversion rate. Photoshop is best to add colors. You can try adding different colors to your photo by Photoshop color correction. It may give you a satisfying result by adding colors, hue, and saturation to your photo.

Creative designs work

A picture is very important for a photographer. But if the photograph is not getting a better conversion rate, then the hard work of the photographers go in vain. Sometime a photograph may look lifeless even after a good photography. In that case, you can create creative designs on the photograph. You have to be careful while selecting the designs while adding to the photograph. The design should not be inappropriate. It should match with the type of photograph. Only then it will be able to grab the attention of the viewers and will help you to increase the conversion rate.

Adding Contrast

When a photographer clicks a photograph, a right amount of contrast cannot be put into the image due to camera settings. If you deliver or publish an image with the improper amount of contrast, the image will look gaudy and dull. The conversion rate will eventually fall if you publish that kind of photograph in anywhere. You may also lose your clients by doing that. But this problem can be solved by adding the right amount of contrast to the photo which will give you a proper picture. Photoshop will work effectively to add contrast. You just have to set the right amount of contrast by the radius slider.

Adding Effects

Most of the people in the world, like magical and surprising elements in a photo. It attracts the customers/viewers towards the photo. Effects work effectively to attract people by adding them to the photos. You can transform the worst photo of your to the best by adding different effects/designs to the photos. Many kinds of effects can be added to a photo, it can be fire, snow, smoke or any artistic element. It will make your photos heavy and eye catchy by which the conversion rate will increase rapidly if you can do this in a right manner. An appropriate effect style will make your photo weak. So, be careful while choosing the effects.

Adding/Removing Background

Backgrounds are the most important parts of an image. A background can ruin or make your photo at its best. While photography, there might not be a suitable background for your object. A busy background will give a poor look to your photo. It will not please your clients and customers. So, photographers will face trouble for a bad looking background. But now you can remove or add backgrounds for your image by Photoshop Background removal service. This image design has become very popular among every kind of image-based companies. No matter in which background a photo was clicked; you can change or remove them easily by clipping path. It is also possible to mix two different backgrounds for one object at a time. You can also have your designed background on the photo to have a better conversion rate.

Retouching Image

Retouching is an amazing thing to apply on a photograph. There are photos (especially portraits) which are having unwanted marks/spots on the objects photo. Image retouching helps to remove every kind of spots effectively from the photos. Retouching can help to fix the distorted photo and restore it brilliantly which will look like new photographs. It also helps to fix make-up, wrinkles, change eye color, pimples etc. Basically, it is all done by Photoshop. Photographers get highly beneficial by retouching the images and delivering them to their clients. The clients get satisfied by the photographers and the photos can also get 110% conversion rate.


Before publishing a photograph, you need to see if the photo is in a perfect size or not. Every publication type has its own perfect size. You need to change the size of the photo before delivering/publishing. To make a perfect size, you need to go for image resizing. It is very important for a photographer to increase the conversion rate. If your photograph is very much stretched or lean, your photograph will be rejected immediately. Those photos cannot be published anywhere. To avoid that situation, resizing is the best option. Deliver the perfect size of the image to get more conversion rate for your photographs.

Add those shadow

Shadows are the symbol of the natural element. When we see an image having shadows, it feels like the image is natural and not artificial. A plain image sometimes looks dull and boring, adding a shadow makes the photo look classy and elegant. A photographer can add shadows himself if he knows how do design or add a shadow. If the photographer does not know this, he/she can outsource it from different image editing companies or from an individual. Different types of shadows you can add. You can add the drop shadow, natural shadow or soft shadow. All kinds of shadows are different but each of them works effectively. You will get more conversion rate of the photographs by adding shadows.

Cropping is harmless

A photo may consist of many things. Some kind of things you may want on the photo and some kind of things that you may not want on the photo. Some unwanted stuff on the photo may destroy your photograph and can lead it to decrease the conversion rate. You can now remove the unwanted areas from a photograph by cropping. You can crop the areas you want to keep and banish the unwanted areas which you think can ruin the photograph. This will help you to get a perfect photo with a better conversion.

Clean and Clear photo

There are photos which are having too many texts or too many designs with very loud colors. Those kinds of photographs are not liked by people. Because that exaggerated stuff will hide the detail of the photograph which will not manage to hold the customers and will lose the traffic. So, try avoiding the exaggeration from the photograph. Do not put so many things in one photo. Try to keep it clean and clear by making the photo look simple and elegant.

These designs or editing techniques will help a photographer to deliver some brilliant photographs by which they will create a brand name. Photographs are mainly needed by fashion industries, printing presses, garment industries, online shopping websites etc. the photographers sometimes fail to impress the clients by their photographs, so they can apply these tips which are discussed. It will surely be helpful to increase 110% conversion rate by the photographs.

But, getting all of this done is not easy. We at GemEye are always here to raise the benchmark of jewelry retouching services.  If you need bulk crippling path services, connect with us for a free trial and we will show you how we actually work.