Social Media Platforms Where You Can Promote Jewelry Brand

Social Media Platforms Where You Can Promote Jewelry Brand

“Brands must go where the people are.” – Abdul Muhammad, a partner at RBB Communications

And we all know where people are spending most of their time. The answer is social media platforms. Moreover, if you are not using social media platforms as your main marketing arenas as a small online jewelry business person, then you are clearly missing out on important customers and cut-rate online jewelry marketing benefits.

Now let’s have look at the most popular social media platforms that exist. Moreover, we will further elaborate on how you should use these social media platforms for online jewelry marketing.


Instagram is a unique visual-centric social media platform and as far as jewelry is concerned, a lot of emphases is put on jewelry product images for both online jewelry marketing and sales. Instagram get millions of posts every day on various subjects such as food, lifestyle, travel, fashion, and many others, which is viewed every day by millions of people every day.

Just imagine, what will putting your jewelry images on Instagram do to your jewelry brand. It will be the most convenient jewelry brand promotion ever, mainly because the main focus will be on your jewelry products.


“Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive.”

And that is what Facebook does best. Keeping, showing and sharing memories. The collaboration of jewelry and Facebook is a huge hit for sure. Plus Facebook has gained prominence as the most popular social media platform and an effective field for online jewelry marketing as well.

Considering the fact that Facebook has infinite options for every organization, launching out your jewelry brand promotion on Facebook is a great head-start for your online jewelry business.


Twitter brings you the fun of playing with words and posting short and crisp posts that puts more impact on the viewers. Twitter has about 328 million active users worldwide and it is amongst the top 10 social media platforms in the United States of America.

The idea of Twitter of posting up to 240 characters gives a special hype as you can use very precise and to the point content for your jewelry brand promotion.


Visual media attracts more people nowadays as people have very little time to actually read content. Pinterest understands this perfectly and there it has earned its place as one of the most effective visual oriented social media platforms.

This has helped a lot in online jewelry marketing as jewelry business deals a lot with jewelry product images and their main motive is to show and sell their jewelry collection.

A piece of note

Now one thing you need to remember before starting your social media campaign that, jewelry is something very precious and has to be showcased that way so that it captivates the admiration of the ones seeing it. On the contrary, jewelry photography is one of the toughest jobs.

Therefore, make sure that you retouch and edit each and every jewelry product image to make it online jewelry marketing oriented. When people look at your jewelry collection online, they should fall for it!

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