The Future of Jewelry e Commerce

The Future of Jewelry e Commerce, Post Covid

The saying goes that the world is at our fingertips; and with all the digital transformation at every nook and corner of our life it has proved to be right. The evolution from analog to digital covering all the consumer checkpoints has been a major step and has changed the entire face of retail all over the world. In 2019, it was estimated that 1.92 billion people around the world have purchased goods or services through online means and jewelry has been one of the most expensive amongst them. 

When it comes to jewelry there are a lot of things that come into a consumer’s mind before purchasing, the reason why he/she becomes so cautious. The diverse nature of jewelry e-commerce makes it more thriving and a place where people are sharing their heirlooms or are hoping to find their next favorite gem. In Fact the most bewildering fact is that approximately 29 million people purchase jewelry on a daily basis. However like every change all of these took a major hit! Enter stage right- COVID. The global pandemic shook the core of what has been our concept of ‘NORMAL’.

The pandemic had a massive impact on all kinds of markets and businesses all around the world, leaving nothing untouched. Markets hit a down pit, people lost their jobs followed by tremendous hardships. But like Charles Darwin has always suggested that humans evolve and with them so did everything else, quickly they also adjusted to the new norms. And with all these new changes the online industry hit a massive success; people now have relied on doing everything digitally more than ever, be it ordering of groceries or shopping. Fun fact people have attended marriages online! Mentioning of marriages be it in India or any other country in the world it’s a sacred tradition. Hence the fact is that the jewelry e-commerce business is off to a better start than ever. Rituals and traditions don’t take a halt and as aforesaid everything evolves. People used to be cautious about spending so much money on jewelry online before but with changing times and with better tools provided along with the trust of the brand the sales have surged. With all of this rises the big question of the hour that is our organizational infrastructures are ready enough to meet the new consumer habits?

The jewelry e commerce sector has to be more on toes to meet the new ways and demands of the consumers. Be it big brands like Tiffany’s or Cartier they have all revised their online reach to give the same in store experience. 

 Following the two key words of trust and loyalty, the jewelry e commerce sector can successfully weather this upheaval. With lockdown rules around the globe, be it a budding business or a well known label will have to learn to take the advantage and use it in best possible ways.

Since consumers have gotten comfortable with transacting online with almost every product including jewelry. Jewelry companies that did not have an online existence before have started investing in their e-commerce presence, that’s where GemEye steps in. 

GemEye provides an impeccable opportunity to the jewelry retailers who are/were operating through their exclusive showrooms to not only increase their sales but also introduce their work and products to the digital world. Companies who already had an online presence before can also join with us and can choose from a wide range of our services. We provide services like image retouching, marketing, content writing and website; all to cater to your demands and wishes. From designing to after sales services GemEye will provide you with every service that will help your business to shine like a star. We have trained teams who will help your customers to see the unique qualities of your website and better the overall better the online shopping experiences. As it is utmost necessary for a brand to make their customers comfortable and help build their trust as jewelry is not about selling a piece but an experience that will build a goodwill beneficial for you. 

The new standards of jewelry business includes a lot of facets. One of them is people nowadays are focused into buying sleek and simple designs and that is where maximum companies are focusing on. The heavy weight jewelleries have been replaced by medium light weight options to suit the tastes of new age modern women. Second, the instore experiences have changed to how a sales representative nowadays can visit your home instead of the customer physically visiting the stores. These changes have started to become the new normal, whilst online shopping we are now not only buying a product but instead we are now purchasing experiences.

The jewelry industry is thus ever growing and dynamic both in respect to the customers and the industry as a whole. With business not being the way it was, we need to have more agility and responsiveness towards new trends and developments that are buzzing the e commerce. The new emerging online jewellery retailers have further enabled people in smaller cities to shop for gold and diamond jewellery at the click of a button. This ease of availability and delivery is further backed by a variety of payment options including cash on delivery and other advantages such as easy instalments and discounts. Hence with the help of GemEye online retailers can not only enable a comprehensive buying experience but also will integrate an in-store purchase experience to a digital platform with high-quality images, excellent navigation, and easy-to-use product configuration settings.

As more retailers in the jewellery segment are realizing the huge opportunity that the e-commerce sector is providing, the market is set to become more competitive. Consumer expectations are rising everyday and they are not just looking for the best options but also a great shopping experience. From retailers to wholesalers everyone who wishes to stay competitive in this dynamic market will need to step up their game. With innovative ways and technology GemEye will help you to meet what exactly your customer needs. 

All in all we can hope that jewelry e-commerce will thrive in the upcoming days, not just big companies but the small businesses will also be successful as well.