Things to Avoid in Jewelry Image Retouching Techniques

Things to Avoid in Jewelry Image Retouching Techniques

When you have your jewelry e-commerce site ready and launched, one of the very first things you need to pay attention to is your jewelry images. This is not as easy as it sounds, with the ever-innovating e-commerce portal requirements.

So, here are the common mistakes people make in jewelry image retouching techniques and the solutions.

Unprepared Aesthetic

This just means that your jewelry items were not prepared well before the photographing session. Before you set your jewelry for the shoot, make sure it’s clean and shiny. Clean your products every time you touch it. Almost nothing escapes the camera lens.

Reflections are Not Fun

Reflections puzzle customers. It’s not fun to look at something full of reflections. Gemstones and metal tend to overthrow a little reflection as it is. That makes jewelry image retouching a little tricky. But, removing unnecessary reflections is one of the industry-proven jewelry editing techniques.

Drop the Glittery Backgrounds

Many online jewelry retailers like to highlight their products with shiny and glittery backgrounds. Why? Just to capture the user’s eye. But, that is not advised for one simple principle; ‘Maintain clarity’. This is also advised by e-commerce portals like Amazon and E-bay where for a jew jewelry enhancer, they always make sure your item is shot on a white backdrop. Enhancing the item to your consumer and making it visually appealing and easy to see is the common goal of image retouching techniques.

Fix the White Balance

This is a common problem in jewelry photography. When you shoot an item, the shiny metal and stones can over shine on the camera lens, giving it an unnecessary white shine. Do away with that, because jewelry photo retouching techniques now are designed to make sure you can fix that once you take the picture.

Soft Focus Is Important, But Not Too Much

More than often when your raw picture is ready, you would find the focus not really emphasizing the product itself. Jewelry photo editors do exactly that for you, but creating a proper white background balance and emphasizing the item to your consumer.

Improper Resizing Can Be Avoided

Here is the fun part, having your jewelry item sized properly on the surface that actually emphasizes the stones and metal is not easy in taking the raw photos. Jewelry image editors can help you there and resize it for you and scale it accurately to the surface size. Making your jewelry stand out and gain the attention from consumers on online portals.

Our company has pioneered the services of jewelry image retouching and coming from the experts themselves, the above tips are guaranteed to help you make your jewelry photos sell themselves on e-commerce sites.