Top 7 Digital Marketing and Sales Trends in the Jewelry Industry

Top 7 Digital Marketing and Sales Trends in the Jewelry Industry

Top 7 Digital Marketing and Sales Trends in the Jewelry Industry

The year 2018 has brought new dimensions to the jewelry marketing area where new platforms are emerging every day and new fashion is being set every now and then.

The sales overview has also changed a lot since the last year. Moreover, it is now very important for the jewelry industry to have a look in these new trends in order to update their business accordingly.

Here are some of the latest trends in the jewelry marketing and jewelry branding arena:

Focus on The Millennials

Forbes stated that millennial’s are shaping the future of the jewelry industry because of the constant crave of people to be along the race of fashion. As a jewelry marketer, you will have to keep in mind that what is the new thing that has grabbed the attention of people. Moreover, you’ll also have to follow the trend-setters of the society, that is, the celebrities and other influential people.

Stay ahead of fashion, always 

Nobody knows what will be coming next, therefore giving you the unlimited chance of presenting something fresh to the audience. Creativity is one of the main features of jewelry marketing, because it refreshes the perspectives on how the pieces of jewelry that can be wore differently.

Make social media your new best friend

Make use of the fact that you can post anything on the social media; be it media or content. Make a slideshow of the latest designs that you have invented or devised or post pictures of the jewelry regularly on the social media platforms. Make a good number of followers and then redirect them to your jewelry website.

Telling stories also helps 

Anyone likes a short but interesting story behind everything. Tell people how you came up with this jewelry design while you were travelling. You can also tell them, how people of that area wore it and how it is relevant with some trending outfits. This is one of the best jewelry marketing trends in 2018.

The in-house sales

One very good way of engaging customers is to promote blasting messages of in-house sales. This mainly helps you with the jewelry branding. You get to promote your latest products and promote your brand while drawing them to the sale.


The emerging term “omni-selling” is very helpful. Omni-selling is basically providing an entire customer experience irrespective of the various platforms they reach through. 

That is, the information about any product you provide to a customer should be clear, easy to understand and it should be friendly to any medium. If they reach out your website through mobile and wish to buy a piece of jewelry, there should be no problem at all in doing so

How To Brand Jewelry

With regards to jewelry branding, you should be aware that you are approaching a large amount of population. In that case, it is likely that you may get lost in the crowd if your brand is vague. Make a transparent website and focus on its customization because an attractive looking brand is bound to intimidate people.

You never know what might come next. However for now, following these jewelry marketing trends now is likely to get you the optimum attention that you want your business to get.