Tricks for Optimizing Online Jewelry Store for More User Engagement

Tricks for Optimizing Online Jewelry Store for More User Engagement

Do you think
your jewelry website is driving the potential customers away or do you think it
is not optimized enough to convert prospects into leads? Did you know that your
jewelry website can literally be a goldmine of leads and prospects, provided
you do the right optimizations for it?

In order to
become a successful online jeweler, you’ll have to understand a buyer’s journey
from wanting to buy a jewelry piece to actually buying it.

 Today, in this blog we are going to discuss
about the specific features which are very helpful regarding getting optimum
organic traffic and increase in sales and how
to optimize online jewelry store

#1 Use Clear and Original Images

“Jewelry is a very personal thing… It
should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” – Garance Dore.

First of
all, if you are new in the digital world and don’t know how to optimize online
jewelry store, then at first you should treat each page of your website as your
landing page. Moreover, make sure that your product category page should be
very expressive and transparent, so that it sends out a clear message to both
of your prospects and existing customers.

Use clear,
high end images along with crafted and error-free content so that the product
category page breaks barriers into conversations. Provide different catalogs
along with sub categories for different categories of jewelry, such as a
different category for earrings, and sub categories on the types of earrings
under the earring category.

Avoid using
stock photos in your website as it may disappoint the potential customers. When
people visit your jewelry website, they expect to see your original jewelry
collection, instead if you display some stock photos in your website display,
they lose interest in your jewelry or their expectation fails which immediately
leads to increased bounce rates, and you start getting very less user
engagement and organic traffic.

Stock photos
can also be very confusing, which may lead your prospects to think that your
jewelry website is not authentic. They may even end up spamming your site which
is not good for online jewelry sales.

The main
weapon you have for online jewelry sales is your website. So, don’t hesitate to
give it your full effort, time and money to make it jewelry ecommerce oriented.
There are many jewelry ecommerce solutions platform which will help you regarding
how to optimize online jewelry store.

#2 Optimize the Collection Display

If you have
a different collection for wedding and engagement, or a funky collection for
the social Goths, do not hesitate to dedicate different pages for those. Make
sure that when you are launching a special collection of jewelry, such as
memorial jewelry, enhance the page is such a way that it looks both promotional
and makes online jewelry sales. 

is important for a specific signature of every jewelry brand, but do not fear
to go beyond that and design every web page uniquely, using colors similar to

#3 Marketing the Website

Now this is
a quirk that every jeweler has to understand; not all the prospects visiting
your landing page will turn to your home page. So, jewelry digital marketing in
that case should be done sensitively. You can lure more prospects by including brand
messages, your brand vision, captivating captions, what your brand is about and
other catchy content like this.

For example,
LondonDaisy has optimized their product catalog page in such a way that one
glimpse of it can give a possible customer the full idea about the jewelry
products that is sold by the company: simple and customizable jewelry which
resembles the symbol of chakra and can be given as a beautiful gift to the
loved ones or can be even worn by the customer.

One of the companies is GemEye, which not only helps you with jewelry e-commerce services but also optimizes your website with classic jewelry centric content, captivating jewelry product images with their photo retouching services, and also helps you in jewelry digital marketing.

Now shouting out your jewelry brand becomes easy when you have GemEye to give your jewelry brand, voice!

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