4 Marketplaces for Online Overseas Jewelry Selling

4 Marketplaces for Online Overseas Jewelry Selling

With the vast working population, business flow in the world has always been very vast and smooth and that has led to fast growing e-commerce markets. However, an entrepreneur would first look at overseas market for sales and brand promotion. Therefore, every business person is looking for overseas jewelry selling.

It is mainly because a jewelry product may find itself unique and refreshing in an overseas market. The people may also be intrigued by the uniqueness of the jewelry piece. Moreover, the rate of exchange in the overseas market makes a huge different when it comes to marking up the profits.

Some of the convenient marketplaces to get into for overseas jewelry selling are the following:


First of all, Amazon is one of the most known marketplaces in the world. On top of that, it is very easy to use whether you are new to overseas jewelry selling or a seasoned exporter. It is relatively easy to tie up with Amazon and you also get optimized facilities that would help your product reach globally. Moreover, Amazon has a brand name which would make your products sell without much hassle.


Handmade crafty jewelry is very much the hype nowadays. Etsy understands that; therefore it is one of the best sites to sell handmade jewelry. Handmade jewelry is already a hit on Etsy, and soon gaining demand all over the world. It is also a user-friendly marketplace to use by sellers and has a descent amount of buyers.


eBay is one of those marketplaces which allow its third party sellers sell their jewelry products overseas. In 2012, eBay announced that its online sellers would get the status of an “exporter”.

That is a very beneficial thing for seller, especially a new seller who is trying to make its jewelry business big in the foreign market. Selling has been very easy with eBay, and it carefully looks after its sellers. Moreover, this marketplace also offers a range of tools and tips for jewelry sellers.


This marketplace is a Chinese e-commerce giant which lets the jewelry sellers sell their products globally. It is also a good marketplace where you can sell jewelry products with ease and in a transparent way. It showcases your jewelry products in a very tasteful and authentic way, which makes overseas jewelry selling a fun job.

So these were the few marketplaces which will let your jewelry products reach overseas and make your business globally recognized. Gemeye marketplace allows you to list your products on multiple marketplaces with just one single click which makes the process even simpler and hassle-free.

Now you can hop on and enjoy overseas jewelry selling with customers spread across the entire world.

Meanwhile, let us know if you have any other globally recognized online marketplace in your knowledge!

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