4 Useful Tips on How to Sell Jewelry on eBay

4 Useful Tips on How to Sell Jewelry on eBay

Many jewelry lovers are crowding at eBay to find unique jewelry collection which not only suits their tastes but also fits their wallet. Therefore, eBay is one of the popular and useful marketplaces where you can definitely earn some profit by selling jewelry.

Still wondering, how you may crack the code of make a jewelry business out of selling on eBay?

 Here are some tips on how to sell jewelry on eBay:

#1 Use eBay first as a Research Point

When you are choosing a particular marketplace as your niche, then it is mandatory that you do a bit of research on that marketplace. The same thing applies for eBay.

At first, login to eBay and go to the jewelry section to see what kind of jewelry is being sold at eBay and how much is the popularity of its sales. Say suppose, fine jewelry costs a huge amount of fortune at full retail; on the same hand fine jewelry selling also results in huge profit therefore fine jewelry is the niche you may want to get into when selling on eBay.

Costume jewelry or junk jewelry also has a fair amount of demand for those who crave for accessories along with their daily wear. Moreover, it needs less amount of investment in comparison to fine jewelry.

Therefore, if you are a small scale online jeweler with fewer funds, you can undoubtedly go for costume jewelry to sell jewelry on eBay

However, whichever type of jewelry you wish to choose, always go for a thorough research on eBay whether it is profitable for you or not.

#2 Creation of a Phenomenal Catalog

The next thing you need to have is an attractive jewelry catalog with different categories like earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles and many more.

Always showcase the best of each category. The customers visiting your eBay listings should immediately get an idea that you mean business and you have some exciting and eye-catching jewelry for sale.

Get your image retouched properly before putting it out on eBay, for captivating jewelry product images that convert prospects into sales. GemEye’s Image Editing services give the ideal look to your jewelry products so that it serves its purpose efficiently and also works as an exclusive jewelry brand promotion.

#3 Appraisals are Must

Jewelry is so precious that sometimes we run out of words to express its worth. That is why it is always wise to get an appraisal, especially from the experts. Getting certifications from jewelry experts shows how authentic your jewelry brand is and it also acts as a very useful jewelry brand promotion.

Another operative way is to get your jewelry pieces insured. It benefits your company in 4 ways:

·  To show on the eBay listing that the insurance company has got your appraisal covered.

·  It shows best efforts on your part in finding out the worth of the jewelry and ensuring it.

·  To convey the credibility of your jewelry brand as well as your jewelry items.

·  It effectively protects your jewelry before it is been sold out to your customers.

#4 Insure Shipping

Insuring the shipping of any jewelry product basically saves you from 2 things. First is, to minimize the chances of getting misplaced or lost totally. Even if it does, then you get it covered by the insurance scheme. Second is, to prevent the risk of theft.

Always remember that although it is easy to sell jewelry on eBay, it also comes with tough competition. So, it is always better that you hire an eCommerce solution provider to make selling jewelry on eBay, a hassle-free job.

GemEye is perfect for this niche as it efficiently manages, optimized and organizes your inventory and helps you in selling at not only eBay but also Amazon and other marketplaces.

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