5 Steps of Building a Brand on Instagram

5 Steps of Building a Brand on Instagram

If you are reading this blog, then it is pretty much obvious that you have taken Instagram seriously for building your jewelry brand. So, first of all, we want to give you a spoiler alert which may upsurge your thirst for growing your brand on Instagram.

Yes, Instagram has more than 800 followers worldwide and they just can’t stop counting! Plus, Instagram has the reputation of engaging more users than any other social media platforms.

Now with so many changes from 2015 to 2018, let’s see how we can patch up with Instagram in building the best jewelry brands for ourselves:

#1 Instagram Strategy

Digital marketers believe that before embarking on anything new, we must have a plan. The same thing goes for Instagram; you must chalk out a strategy for your Instagram activity so that jewelry branding becomes an easy and systematic process for you.

·  Motive: You’ll first have to sort out the most important question, what jewelry are you willing to sell and why are you willing to sell it on Instagram? The first part of the question will give you answers for what kind of jewelry you should promote on because that will be your highlighted jewelry product for sale. The latter part of the question will give you answers for what type of promotion you should prioritize on Instagram.

·  Target Audience: Identify the type of customers based on their age group, gender, persona, and lifestyle so that you can target a specific group of customers easily.

·  Research on Competitors: Follow the Instagram accounts of your rival brands. See how they are planning their posts. Also, keep a keen eye on the type of feeds they are posting.

·  Content Research: This part includes how to boost user engagement by producing content that is trending. Using the right hashtags and to have a plan regarding when to post what content.

·  Tracking progress: Keep a track on your progress such as monitoring on the number of people your jewelry brand has reached to, tracking engagement, a track record of leads generated, traffic diversion and many such more factors.

#2 Choosing Style and Theme

The style and theme of your Instagram account include the mood, the tone, and the feel you create for your audiences to see.

Dark colors would seem great if you are selling traditional jewelry because it will create a royal and vintage aura for your jewelry brand. In the same way, if your jewelry targets the youth, then you need to set a light color theme because isn’t that the feel you want to create for your audiences: free-spirited vibes, funky and simple.

Next to style, come the themes, which is the core essence of what you want to post. Your themes reflect the x-factor of your jewelry brand, the type of statement that you want to create via your jewelry collection.

Creating an Instagram account is similar to creating a dating profile because like your dating profile speaks for you, your Instagram account should speak for your jewelry brand as well.

#3 Including Relevant Hashtags

Now that your account looks just fine, you should help people to find out about your jewelry brand on Instagram. For that, you should use a mix of hashtags which includes the following list of relevant searches you want to be on:

·  Description, that is, what is there in your picture?

·  Category, that is, the particular niche you want to follow.

·  Expertise, that is, the highlight of your jewelry brand.

·  Other brands, that is, the particular brands that you want to tag to.

·  Community, that is, the type of audience you are targeting.

·  Location, that is, where are you currently.

Always remember that hashtags should also be relevant to the content your posting. It should reflect your brand goal and should trigger the emotions of people at the same time.

#4 Instagram Stories

Consider the insta stories as an added bonus from Instagram, because it is the best place where you can trigger the curiosity of your followers with a sneak-peak of your jewelry brand.

Giving a bit of behind the scenes about how you run your business or giving your followers a tour of our jewelry store works like a miracle. Personal tips work equally as well, where you can ask them to post their reviews or ideas.

Online story contests are a great way of engaging users on your Instagram account. The only thing needed is to plan out the days of the week when you will post stories and to maintain consistency in doing so; such as the Black Friday theory.

#5 Reaching Influencers and Keeping Track

It is extremely essential, especially for the small-scale businesses, to follow the current rage on Instagram and that is influencer marketing. The influencers have around 50 thousand followers and they possess strong communities. Therefore, they are a sturdy medium of promoting your jewelry brand because they can influence your jewelry products amongst their fan following.

Follow the influencers; try to have a healthy conversation with them at first. When you have built a strong relationship with them, then you can ask them to promote your brand or refer your brand to their community.

There is a certain checklist which every Instagrammer has to follow and it is down below:

·  Images– as Instagram is an image-based social media platform, therefore make sure that you use clear and captivating images.

·  Location– Tagging your location on every post is important because it can boost your engagement dramatically!

·  Caption– Consider caption as call-to-action when you are promoting your jewelry brand on Instagram.

·  Followers– Always check on the followers list because it measures the optimism of your jewelry brand promotion.

Instagram is a new horizon of possibilities that you should definitely follow so totally sit on it!

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