5 Ways to Use Twitter for Selling Jewelry Online

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Selling Jewelry Online

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter cannot sell products directly. However, it can be used as an effective marketing tool. There are multiple people, and some of them are quite influential, on Twitter. They generally have thousands of followers; therefore it is obvious that Twitter is an unprecedented tool for selling jewelry online.

Moreover, for selling jewelry online, you need to have an online presence at first; you need to be more visible and more connected to spread the wings of your jewelry business over the internet.

In this blog, we will explore how you can use Twitter for selling jewelry online:

#1 The Hub of Trends

Twitter is the hub of all trends because some of the most eventful information and controversies were first posted on Twitter, and thus it can be taken into account that Twitter started it all, even the latest trends and maybe hashtags.

Moreover, celebrities also crowd in Twitter, posting tweets all the time. It is an ideal place for starting conversations and promoting your jewelry brand. Under the influence of so many people, actively commenting and tweeting all the time, it is very much likely that you can hear a buzz or two about your own jewelry brand.

#2 Easy Access

Twitter is most beneficial to the Business-to-Business salespeople because you can directly approach the CEO of some retailer company, whom you would have never reached on phone.

Moreover, Twitter is a great conversation starter. When you tweet an influential person or you respond to one of their tweets, you actually share your thoughts with them and you can connect easily to them. This in return proves as a useful jewelry brand promotion, when you tweet them about their ideas on your brand.

#3 Great Connections

Twitter is an ideal example of an effective jewelry brand promotion. Earlier, only a few big companies could afford to build their celebrity status via TV advertisements, hoardings, and other mediums.

But nowadays, with the help of Twitter, you can easily target people who follow your competitors. You can express the value of your brand, and you can connect with anyone and everyone. The more the connections, the more popular your jewelry becomes, the more your jewelry brand builds up.

#4 Short, Crisp and Catchy

Twitter only allows you to write up to 280 characters, which means you do not have to work extra hard for presenting an elaborate content for convincing customers. It exponents the pressure of creating effective content and also risks the chances of bounce rates because people generally do not look forward to lengthy texts.

You can save the content matter for your jewelry website, meanwhile short, crisp and catchy phrases, captions and comments will do for jewelry brand promotion.

#5 Perky Retweets

One of the funniest things about Twitter is that you can retweet a tweet and share it with your followers. You can even retweet a retweet. Which means that your tweets will be shared more and more, hence drawing more prospects to your jewelry website.

With more people becoming aware of your jewelry brand, selling jewelry online will become much easier.  

Let us know what you have gained from your jewelry brand promotion on different social media platforms.

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