Call to Action: Ways to Use in Jewelry E-commerce

Call to Action: Ways to Use in Jewelry E-commerce

One important aspect of website design most
often overlooked in jewelry e-commerce website design is a call to action or
CTA. Research indicates that CTAs on e-commerce websites generate higher
conversions than lack of them.

In simple terms, CTAs are instructions
provided to users giving them a chance to take an action on the site itself.
For example, a simple CTA for e-commerce would be something like “Register Now
for 10% Discount”. This example nudges users to take that action to receive
that benefit, and in this case the action is to subscribe by signing up.

While such simple CTAs are popular and
effective for regular products and e-commerce sites, they tend to be
ineffective for jewelry e-commerce websites. Buying jewelry is an investment of
a large sum of money, and customers are not at all likely to purchase any
immediately on seeing such offers. CTAs for jewelry websites need to be
carefully tuned to resonate with the target demographic, focusing more on
building your brand value than pushing for a purchase.

This article details a few types of Call to
Actions that you may use on your jewelry website that can give you better
conversions and returns.

Visiting the Store

Selling jewelry
online is good, but if you have a retail location, your priority should be
inducing customers to visit the store. Since jewelry is valuable, in terms of
both money and emotions, customers are more likely to trust your establishment
and brand if they can interact physically with the store, the sellers, and the jewelry
pieces themselves.

To increase
footfalls to your store, provide users with detailed information about your
retail locations, as well as the reasons why their trip would be worth the
effort. Describe why your store is different from the others, the reasons may
range from you being a family establishment present in the business for
generations, to you specializing in specific pieces of jewelry. Make sure
visitors know immediately upon visiting the site why they should visit your
store. The CTA in this case can be a separate section with your proposition,
together with a “Book an Appointment” or “Our Nearest Outlet” button.

Calling the Store

Apart from getting
customers to visit your store, the next useful trust building technique is to
get them to call in at your store. Calling your store helps them to establish
the credibility of your establishment, your dedication to serve customers, get
their queries answered, book appointments, as well as build up trust. Contact
numbers to your stores should be placed throughout your website in ways that
make them clearly visible.

Another useful CTA
for this is a click-to-call button. According to a recent HubSpot study, in
2018 alone, as many as 70% of mobile users used one or the other click-to-call
buttons to place phone calls. This shows that click-to-call buttons are
effective CTAs, and if capable salespeople are on the receiving end of these
calls, you are that much more likely to get a user to visit your store, and
make a purchase.

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets are
CTAs that offer users something of value in return for their contact
information. This information can then be used to create a targeted sequence
aimed at nurturing this lead till it converts into a purchasing customer.

One very effective
CTA idea for this is getting users to subscribe to buying guide ebooks. For
example, engagement rings are of great emotional value to customers, and
therefore they usually take a long time to decide upon this once in a lifetime
purchase. Getting customers to sign up for an emailer program for engagement
rings that regularly sends them valuable information and attractive content
allows you to effectively nurture a lead for sufficient time to get them to
make purchases, and can even turn them into valuable long term customers.

So these were three simple, yet effective Call
to Action techniques that you may use in your own e-commerce website selling
jewelry online. In case your website lacks any of them, or you are looking to
incorporate some more effective CTAs into the site, you can avail the services
of website design and development agencies specializing in building jewelry e-commerce websites</a>, and watch your profits climb quick.