How to Sell Jewelry on Instagram

How to Sell Jewelry on Instagram

There are many aspects to focus on when it comes to direct sales of jewelry on Instagram. Remember, that when it comes to online jewelry selling, that too via Instagram, your primary weapon is your jewelry product images; however, there are many things that are related to your product images that give a direct approach to your prospects.

Here, in this blog, we will systematically discover the steps you need to follow while selling jewelry on Instagram.


·  Quality Images are very important! Jewelry photography is a challenging job because there are so many things that can go wrong in jewelry photography even with the best cameras.

·  In that case, the best thing that would help you get captivating images is image editing services, where the jewelry piece is digitally adjusted with the right amount of light with highlighting of the precious metal and gemstone.

·  You can use the jewelry retouching services given by GemEye to get that ideal look for your jewelry product images and put great influence on your Instagram followers.


·  Crafting jewelry description is equally essential. Just like a good image editing can create great impacts on your images as well as your prospects, good product descriptions help you convince your prospects on how good your jewelry will look on them.

·  Say suppose, you are selling a wedding eternity ring on Instagram; the main purpose of your wedding ring should be making the bride look unique and extraordinary on her special day. That purpose should reflect on your product description so that you can empathize with your prospect.

·  In that case, GemEye Content Services is the exact things you need for your jewelry brand promotion on Instagram They provide jewelry-oriented content with targeted SEO, which proves to be a good marketing tactic for your online jewelry business.


·  Now that you have figured out your jewelry images, and product descriptions; it is time that you get the concept of hashtags. At first, it used to seem very funny that all of a sudden why this social media platform is using hashtags, till the day came when it became a trend.

·  Instagram knows how to stay in trend and so does jewelry fashion. In fact, hashtags are a proper way of exposing your jewelry brand out in the digital world.

·  It helps you in reaching not only your current followers but also new followers. However, there is a proper number of hashtags that you should use which is enough for your jewelry brand promotion, and that is 5 to 15 hashtags.

Reaching Out to Influencers

·  The next trick that will fire-sure your jewelry brand amongst the most popular ones is tagging the Instagram influencers. Search for Instagram accounts and personalities that are fast gaining popularity on Instagram.

·  Create a list and contact them. Do not expect that they will instantly support your online jewelry brand. In fact, if you contact at least 50 accounts, you are likely to get only 10 followers out of them.

·  You can ask them to collaborate with you and give their expert advice on the information and the jewelry product that you are posting on Instagram. This will represent your jewelry brand as an authentic one, on Instagram.

Okay, so this part is done. It looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? However, there some precautions that you might want to take while you are selling jewelry on Instagram.

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