How to Use Jewelry Digital Marketing for Ranking in the SERP

How to Use Jewelry Digital Marketing for Ranking in the SERP

Jewelry has a widespread popularity all over the world. So, naturally, the competition among the online jewelry industries is huge. In this scenario, getting ranked up on the first page of search engines is not so easy.

However, it’s not impossible too, if you follow certain tricks that will get you to the first page, even if you’re just starting on your jewelry digital marketing. It is evident that 75% of the people never scroll past the first page. Mainly, if you’re not on the first page, then all your SEO and digital marketing will count to nothing.

So let’s get started on how you can show your jewelry website up on the first page of the search engines.

“Patience is a virtue.”

·  If you notice carefully, then you will learn that the sites that have millions of traffic and user engagement have been up there for many years. So the main point is that you will have to keep patience for your jewelry website to show up on the first search page. Websites that have been there for many years, dominate the top page.

·  Such as famous jewelry brands didn’t just become famous overnight. They were there much earlier than you may notice. It is just that they were a small scale business at that time, and with time and effective jewelry brand promotion, they are now at the top of the online jewelry brand’s list.

“So, don’t waste your marketing dollar on keywords that everyone is using. Expand your reach with in-depth, long-tail keywords.” – Julia McCoy

·  The next tip is for those who do not want to wait for so long. You can start by putting emphasis on long-tail keywords. Probably because there are more popular long tail jewelry keywords than short keywords. Moreover, search engines are becoming more comfortable with long tail keywords.

·  Such as, instead of focusing on ‘sell online jewelry’, you can put emphasis on the long-term version of the similar keyword, that is, ‘how to sell online jewelry’ when using keywords for SEO and jewelry brand promotion.

“If you built it… You may still need Google AdWords.” – Jennifer Mesenbrink

·  Nowadays, if anyone searches for a particular jewelry product then, the first 3 to 4 results are advertisements of different jewelry brands. How do you think they got there? Simply by running a paid campaign with the help of Google AdWords.

·  In fact, Google AdWords work faster than SEO. If done properly, Google Adwords campaign can prove to be a very effective part of jewelry digital marketing.

“The most successful competitors in your industry are a good benchmark for content and blog topics.” – Julia McCoy

·  You can’t simply include a bunch of long tail keywords into your content. That will be downright keyword stuffing and your jewelry website will get spammed or even banned by Google and other search engines. Therefore what you should invent a separate page for jewelry blogs.

·  Write as many jewelry blogs you can; make sure that you write more than your competitors. The reason behind this is simple. The more you create content, the more the chances of ranking on the top search page.

All this may seem a little bit confusing for you. Luckily there are jewelry e-commerce solutions platforms that can help you with site ranking and traffic. But the main problem is that there are very few jewelry centric e-commerce solutions nowadays.

Moreover, you need an e-commerce solution platform which understands your jewelry brand properly and can direct you with right marketing and content.

GemEye does exactly that. GemEye has an experience in the jewelry industry for over 30 years, and they bring you the desired results on your jewelry website with their targeted SEO and jewelry oriented content and digital marketing services.

Getting ranked on the top may seem difficult; however, it is not impossible if there is GemEye by your side!

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