Qualities That You Should Look for in B2B E-commerce Platforms

Qualities That You Should Look for in B2B E-commerce Platforms

What comes to your mind when you think of jewelry ecommerce platforms? You generally think of jewelry selling. Now think which services should a jewelry ecommerce platform provide so that you make maximum profit? 

You will eventually come up with many points. Now is the time to list them and search for an ideal ecommerce platform that provides all the services you need regarding your online jewelry business. 

Still haven’t got a clue? Well, the main niche of an ecommerce platform is to store and sell consumer products and styling products like jewelry. The most successful online jewelry businesses are signified by business to business customers because B2B mainly need both ecommerce software and consumer stores. 

B2B companies are unique because they have their own brand and its own categories. They serve a market for profit or non-profit establishments. Wholesale websites and resellers count under the shelter of B2B. However, there are certain qualities that are important for choosing a perfect jewelry ecommerce platform for B2B success.

  • A successful B2B ecommerce platform should be able to provide classification of customers into groups. It should allow set pricing, minimum order requirements and content that are specific for each group. The categories should be specifically segmented into each group like shipping, promotion and many others.
  • A successful ecommerce platform should be able to identify and classify B2B customers based on their profiles, geographical locations, reorder frequency, order volume and many others.
  • An eligible ecommerce platform should be able to customize the shopping cart experience of each customer according to their profiles. It should be able to filter the website content, pricing, payment, delivery options and other necessary options according to their selections.
  • The ecommerce which is involved with B2B organizations should be an expert in customer specific catalogue and pricing. It should to sell at different price according to the customer type. They have to optimize their ecommerce for personalized shopping. It should find more offers for specific demanding clients and special product pricing.
  • B2B customers buy jewelry products in bulk. Therefore, a bulk order form can optimize the total shopping experience through a simple and spontaneous way to place large orders in your website. A successful jewelry eCommerce platform should provide that facility. 
  • There should be a flexible payment options for B2B customers through integration of payment methods like purchase orders, credit card on file and many others.

B2B ecommerce is very successful and challenging at the same time. For effective operation of B2B ecommerce, you need an efficient jewelry ecommerce solution platform that can make B2B jewelry ecommerce fruitful. That’s where GemEye comes in. 

With GemEye, you can access professional and feature-rich online solutions with its years of knowledge in jewelry industry. GemEye B2B eCommerce solution allows you to assign your own sales rep and cater to individual customers. It also creates catalogs. You can create and customize customer-specific personalized shopping experience by offering discounts and other options.

These eCommerce solutions will be your saviour in B2B eCommerce. So, stop wasting your time and get down to B2B eCommerce for a successful jewelry eCommerce.