What You Can Benefit From Amazon as Your Marketplace

What You Can Benefit From Amazon as Your Marketplace

Amazon has become one of the thriving marketplaces in the world with over 100 million committed Prime customers. According to reliable sources, more than half of the product search starts with Amazon.com. Amazon is not only helping big brands to sell more, but it is also giving a chance to the small and middle businessmen to reach out to the global market.

Getting launched with Amazon is very much straightforward, however, it needs more than just meeting certain selling requirements. It is easy to sell in some categories, like jewelry, however, there are certain pros and cons regarding choosing Amazon as your primary marketplace and this article is dedicated to that.

Benefits of Amazon

·  Amazon is one of the largest and renowned marketplaces on the internet nowadays. Getting in touch with Amazon will also heighten the reputation of your jewelry business.

·  Amazon is very much straightforward and easy to use. The few things you need to get into the jewelry business is creating your own product list and send your inventory to an FBA, that is, Fulfilment by Amazon and you are done!

·  Amazon is especially beneficial to the local and amateur jewelry business people because they charge a lower price and lure away customers from established sellers.

·  Amazon also provides you with tools and infrastructure to reach the large consumer at a base.

·  It is also effective in the increase in sales due to a high traffic channel. It gives you access to 24/7 selling because of its constant online presence.

Cons of Amazon

Every marketplace, no matter how successful they are, does have loopholes in them. These loopholes, however, give them the opportunity to modify themselves in the future. Here are some of the cons of Amazon that you need to look into.

·  Amazon has been flooded with millions and millions of sellers, due to which, business people are finding it hard to find them on Amazon these days.

·  It is a constant war to fight the counterfeits and hijackers which have infested Amazon like anything.

·  GemEye marketplace allows you to list your products on Amazon with just one single click which makes the process even simpler and hassle-free.

·  Customers often get confused between good products and bad products and therefore poor reviews have increased in Amazon.

·  Amazon owns the customer relationship. You cannot resell your product or directly sell to the Amazon customers in the future, because they are patent to Amazon.

By far, Amazon is a pretty amazing marketplace to venture, if you are a novice at jewelry business and looking for an exposure in the global market. However, jewelry selling on Amazon is a lot more easy and accessible than an actual brick and mortar store. However, if your jewelry products are unique and you have a different outlook towards your jewelry business, then selling on Amazon will be a lot easier.

So that’s it for now! Do tell us what you think about Amazon as your prime jewelry marketplace.

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