Follow 3 Steps to Automate Sales on Your Online Jewelry Store

Follow 3 Steps to Automate Sales on Your Online Jewelry Store

Digital marketing is often thought to be a very effortful job and needs consistency. Sure it does, but some plans have long term effects, if implemented properly. Such a process is called Automation of Sales.

Automation can be defined as the process by which you can continue to bring prospects down to the sales funnel, without using any human interaction or influence.

This blog is based on the automation of sales on your online jewelry store, such as:

·  360 Degree Jewelry Product Image Display.

·  Schedule Social Media Posts.

·  Usage of Chatbot on the Jewelry Website.

 So, without wasting any moment let’s get onto the discussion:

360 Degree Jewelry Product Image Display

Giving your viewers a 360-degree view of your jewelry product images is actually providing a better customer experience, because with a 360 degree rotation, your shoppers have a better understanding of what jewelry product you are actually selling and it will also give them a fair idea as to what jewelry product they will be getting when they are purchasing online.

Moreover, shoppers feel empowered when they are given control and let them choose how they want their shopping experience on your online jewelry store. In this way, your jewelry shoppers can control any angle of the jewelry product image and hence take better decision regarding which jewelry piece to buy and which not.

In this way your sales can go much higher, because you are giving a clear impression of your brand products to your customers.

Schedule Social Media Posts

Marketing is about the right time and how you invest your time in! So save your valuable time by scheduling your social media posts well in advance. As discussed earlier, social media marketing is all about maintaining consistency, and with your posts scheduled prior to executing, you can count your social media campaigning as covered.

You can use a scheduler like Buffer or Hubspot for your online jewelry store which has an advantage of built-in powerful tracking and analytics tool. It helps you in enhancing your brand posts whenever your target audience is most active.

Moreover, Buffer or Hubspot makes sure that you never miss out on a post. However, some content like videos and stories, which can never be scheduled, needs your constant attention and follow up.

Usage of Chatbot on the Jewelry Website

Whenever, a visitor visits your website, he or she expects that their questions are handled well. Moreover, with the boom in technology in the last decade, chatbots are luckily very accessible to smaller businesses.

Installing chatbots, immediately solves that issue when you are able to answer up to 80% of the customers questions through a Chatbot. Now it is up to you whether you want to generate leads or nurture them through your chatbot conversation.

Whichever way you use your chatbot, it is proven to generate efficient prognostic analytics which you can use to drive in more sales to your jewelry website.

These 3 steps of automating sales are efficient are important for your jewelry website, so do not spend a single idle moment of deciding whether you should add them to your website or not!

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