Ways on Increasing Jewelry Store Traffic This Year

Ways on Increasing Jewelry Store Traffic This Year

Recently, the retail industry has been going through some anxiety, with the deficiency of in-store traffic and slowing sales. Bridal e-commerce sites such as the Blue Nile, The Knot and even Amazon wage millions for understanding the buyer needs and their behaviors.

With years of intense research and hard work; they have created a rich user experience; so that their customers keep coming back to them. However, we may think that they are providing jewelry products and services to the millennials but there driving jewelry website traffic plans to seem to cater to the demographics of 2040.

It is because the 2040 demographics are much more fluid and they share similar purchase behaviors and preferences. However, every jeweler has some competitive advantage in the digital arena, and talking about this is all that this blog consists of. So, lay back and let us explain it to you:

So, basically, the constant trend that revolves around when there is a conversation going on with any jeweler and they are:

1. I want to increase my in-store traffic because I am sure that I have got a great closing ratio.

2. I want to increase my website traffic in the form of the appointments I get online.

3. I want to have appropriate data on my customer behaviors so that my jewelry business can flourish around that.

So, we are mainly going to cover these points in this blog.

Understanding Online Prospects

You can often see that the jewelry retail industry online focuses more on the millennials. What they don’t understand is that it is just a word to denote a generation; it cannot define a jewelry buying trend or manner.

Focusing on the current generation, that is, the demographics of 2040 is much more accurate and relatable because they are much more practical and do not get easily swayed by ideas or stereotyped patterns.

Analysis on Google Analytics has shown that 70% of the traffic to the jewelry e-commerce websites is that of the youth( 2040’s generation) out of which of course, female (64.80%) are more than male (35.20%), and only 30% consists of the millennials.

Your Customers are Educated and They Can View Your Jewelry Website on Their Phones

It is quite evident from researches that almost 70% of the customers make up their minds on purchasing before ever talking to a salesperson.

With that said, you can give them the three things which they want the most at that point and they are:

·  A great first impression.

·  A satisfactory online experience.

·  Let them set the pace first.

To connect with their preferences you will first have to connect with the emotions of your prospect. In that case, it is advisable that you don’t scream that you are a jewelry online store to them; they already knew that when they visited your site. Keep it very subtle, sleek yet elegant.

It is also mandatory that you design your website in a way that it is also mobile friendly. 65% of the online traffic mostly comes from Apple and Android. The desktop was surpassed way back in 2015 by mobile. So, every jewelry website must be built for the mobile-first experience.

Make your website more than just a purchasing site. Make it a hub where people can put their queries and where you can provide them with great information on jewelry. Make it a box full of surprises with seasonal gift cards and occasional discounts and offers. Gentle budging with newsletters and messages also work miracles!

So you know what to opt for this winter! Hope this has been useful to you!

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